Landmark Centre

Plot 2 & 3, Water Corporation Dr, Victoria Island, Annex,, Lagos, Nigeria
Founded in:
Total area:
4202 m2
  • Rooms & halls:
About The Venue

The Landmark Centre is a premier event complex located in Landmark Village, a vibrant beach front in Lagos. It has a total space of 9.4 acres with 4202 m2 of it being dedicated event space. The venue consists of 2 meeting areas in the form of halls. The Landmark Centre was founded in 1997 with Hall 2 being inaugurated in 2017. The venue is a popular hosting because of its excellent location and amenities. For instance, the Nigeria BuildExpo, HVAC Expo, and West Africa Water Expo have taken place at this location.

Landmark Centre is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. It is part of the Landmark Village, an impressive beach front location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The venue has two halls with a total of 4202 m2. The main hall inaugurated in 1997 has a total of 2750 m2 of event space divided into 2230 m2 of exhibition space and 520 m2 of conference areas. The Conference areas consist of several meeting rooms with various seating capacities. Hall 2 which was inaugurated in 2017 has 1452 m2 of event space. All spaces of the venue are flexible allowing organisers to adjust as needed during event organisation. 


How to get to Landmark Centre
On foot

Murtala Muhammed International Airport – not advisable

Lagos Railway Station – not advisable


By Car

Murtala Muhammed International Airport – 40 mins via Expressway 1/E1

Lagos Railway Station – 30 mins via Ahmadu Bello Rd


By public transport

Murtala Muhammed International Airport – not available

Lagos Railway Station – not available


Floor Plan & Halls


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