Lembeck Castle

Schloss 2, Dorsten, Germany
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Schloss Lembeck (Lembeck Castle) is a popular historical castle in Germany. It is privately owned by the Count and Countess von Merveldt. The Castle is in the middle of a lake on two islands surrounded by Hohe Park. Schloss Lembeck is surrounded by a lush and full garden and forest containing a large assortment of plants and wildlife. Examples of the flora and fauna which can be found include roses, rhododendrons, deer, pheasants, and others. Because of the stunning beauty of both the interior and park, Lembeck Castle is quite popular as a tourist destination and event venue. For instance, the HUBANA Trade Fair is held on the Schloss’s park grounds. 

Lembeck Castle was built in gradual stages. The first tower was constructed in 1190 with the remaining parts of the Schloss gradually being added over the course of 450 years. The Castle has been the property of the von Merveldt noble family for the last 300 years. Said noble family has been tending to the castle including renovating parts of the main building. Apart from being a popular event venue, Lembeck Schloss is also a popular destination for tourists. This is due to the castle offering guided tours in several languages including German and Low German. The venue also maintains several museums including a hall with fine art and permitting the exploration of the park. The castle is open all year round.


How to get to Lembeck Castle
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Dortmund Airport – Not Advisable

Dortmund Central Bus Station – Not Advisable

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Dortmund Airport – Via A2, 50 mins

Dortmund Central Bus Station – Via A43, 46 mins

By public transport

Dortmund Airport – Not Advisable

Dortmund Central Bus Station – Not Advisable

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