Mach Arena

Bro Ddyfi Leisure Centre, Wales, UK
About The Venue
Machynlleth is a picturesque market town, community, and electoral ward. It is situated in Wales, UK. and is often referred by the people who live in its border as Mach. The town is within the historic boundaries of Sir Drefaldwyn or Montgomeryshire. Because of its tranquillity and charm, the town is a popular tourist and event location. One of the events which are hosted in the municipality is Machynlleth Comedy Festival.
Machynlleth is located within Dyfi Valley, a beautiful valley situated within the larger Dyfi Biosphere, a UNESCO Nature Reserve. The locale combines the picturesque beauty of Wales’ nature and the tranquillity of a rural community. It is because of this combination that the town is popular as a location for the hosting of events and visiting of museums such as the MoMA or Museum of Modern Arts. The town can be reached from Aberystwyth Station and Anglesey Airport.
How to get to Mach Arena
On foot

Aberystwyth Station - Not advisable

Anglesey Airport - Not advisable

By Car

Aberystwyth Station – 31 mins via A487

Anglesey Airport – 1h56mins via A487

By public transport

Aberystwyth Station – 34 mins via Transport for Wales

Anglesey Airport - Not advisable

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