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A Simple, Handy Guide to Booking the Perfect Hotel for a Trade Fair

8 Mar 2024

You’d be surprised just how much the choice of hotel can impact your business trip no matter how near or far you’re travelling to attend a trade fair. Booking the right hotel is crucial for comfort as well as meeting your desired goals at the event. It’s all the more important, when you have to deal with a tight budget. Simply having a bed for a couple of nights should not be an option. Never has been, and in an era of connectivity, it shows!

At Trade Fair Trips, we know a thing or two about hotel accommodation and we’ll show you what to consider when booking hotel rooms for your next trade show outing.

1. Prioritise Proximity: Of Course, Location Matters!

When it comes to booking a hotel for a business trip, the single most important consideration is location. Are you close to the exhibition centre? Do you have good connections to public transport? Are there any easy ways to reach the airport or train station? If you’re lucky, you might snag a hotel right next door to the event (that’s only if you’re quick enough), and not have to worry about a commute. However, they are the ones that sell out the quickest and require a lot of foreplaning. Being close to the exhibition centre minimises the chances of being late for important meetings or events.

Let’s say you’ve missed your chance, and you have to look at alternatives in the vicinity. Choosing a hotel near the venue, but also on a bus, metro or tram line, becomes your top priority. Yes, it’ll require a little extra in costs, but still allows you to get there quickly without having to sacrifice sleep. Be sure to look into available public transport prices, passes and schedules.

If you don’t mind a walk, then look into hotels that are within reasonable distance regardless of access to public transport.

2. Check Meeting Facilities

While networking opportunities are abundant at the trade fair itself, more in-depth conversations with clients often take place off-site. Negotiations, presentations, and sales pitches require the right setup – a quiet, peaceful environment with appropriate meeting facilities. Look for hotels that offer conference rooms equipped with audiovisual equipment, such as projectors and screens. Access to these facilities can enhance your productivity and professionalism during the trade fair.

3. Consider Connectivity

Staying connected is crucial for any productive business travellers. Ensure that the hotel provides reliable Wi-Fi access throughout the premises. This is especially important if you need to conduct virtual meetings or access work-related documents online. Additionally, check if the hotel offers amenities such as business centres or printing services, which can be convenient for last-minute preparations or administrative tasks.

The quality of Wi-Fi is equally essential. No one wants to struggle with a weak Wi-Fi connection when accessing emails, messages, or files.

Pro tip: Look into the Wi-Fi’s quality and speed before choosing a hotel since some hotels try to trick visitors with free low-speed Wi-Fi, but then offer faster connection speeds at an additional fee. Ironing out such details before making a reservation sets you up for success. Nobody deserves slow Wi-Fi connection especially

4. Assess Amenities and Services

Beyond basic accommodation, consider what additional amenities and services the hotel offers. Look for features that can enhance your overall experience, such as fitness centres, on-site dining options, or concierge services. Prioritise amenities that align with your preferences and needs, whether it’s a complimentary breakfast to kickstart your day or a 24-hour reception for flexible check-in and check-out times.

5. Review Guest Reviews and Ratings

Before making a reservation, take the time to read guest reviews and ratings of the hotel. Websites like TripAdvisor or Booking.com provide valuable insights from previous guests, allowing you to gauge the overall quality and reputation of the property. Pay attention to comments related to cleanliness, customer service, and noise levels, as these factors can significantly impact your stay during the trade fair.

6. Your Room Gives You Optimal Sleeping Conditions

Quality of sleep matters. You should be able to sleep well.

This goes double for all of you, who have crossed several time zones to make it. You want to get your body on a solid sleep schedule as fast as possible. Are the windows soundproofed? Does your room face a busy road? Does your room have floor-length blackout curtains? What’s the situation with the mattress and pillow?

Pro tip: Make sure you chill the room before going to sleep. The body falls asleep easier when the temperature is low.

7. The More Power Outlets the Better

You should know that older hotels don’t have a lot of power outlets in general, though this might not be the case, if the hotel has been renovated in the past decade.

Demand for charging options is high, and you might not realise just how many devices you bring on your trips. There’s the smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, smartwatches, e-readers and vapes to name a few. They’ll all require charging sooner or later, so you want to be sure you have enough options without having to think too hard on which device to charge in what order.

8. Your Hotel Meets Your Needs Quickly

This might not apply for everyone, but if you’re attending a long trade fair (over 4 days), you might have to think about additional comforts mainly regarding the way you look. Can your hotel provide you with an iron quickly? Does it offer overnight dry-cleaning? What about a shoeshine service? These will help you stay presentable no matter how long the trade fair lasts. You should look for service no longer than half an hour.

Hotels that advertise overnight services should climb up on top of your list, but make sure they’re not making empty promises. Double check with the hotel, if they’re able to meet your needs ahead of time!

Pro tip: Look into reviews about their room service!


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