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UAE, Abu Dhabi
1 year
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus. NEW dates are announced: 23. - 29. May 2021

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is returning with all the latest books from big regional and international publishers. The international trade fair hosted in Abu Dhabi, Dubai is preparing for over 1200 publishers to book booths and over 165,000 visitors to make their way. Activities kick off in April, so don’t waste any more time and get your online hotel reservations right now. If you’re looking for excellent deals and discounts, look no further than GETA ltd.

GETA ltd specializes in business travel and secures you Abu Dhabi International Book Fair hotels within your price range and preference in location. How do we do this? We have established ourselves in Abu Dhabi and have close working relations with a great many hotels all over the city. One check within our database is enough to get out a full list of establishments suited for your needs! So book your room for the fastest growing book fair in the region and get a front-row seat for all the excitement. You’re not only surrounded by great releases, but are also privy to emerging trends internationally and regionally, and have the perfect opportunity to foster new partnerships in foreign markets.

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