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ABU DHABI PETROL FAIR is short for the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference – an event with international importance that sees the attendance of the top representatives of the oil and gas industry from around the world. Held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the exhibition lasts for four days with activities commencing in November, with over 1600 exhibitors presenting to over 60,000 oil & gas professionals of the highest caliber. Book a hotel with GETA ltd for the chance to be close to the heart of the event.

Specify your preferred price range and location and GETA ltd finds you accommodation that is both cost effective for your budget and favorably close to the expo centre. This way you’re saving money and time commuting and have a higher chance of meeting and networking both during and after the events at the exhibition. ABU DHABI PETROL FAIR serves as the meeting point for top figures in the petroleum industry with heavy emphasis on business relations. Network, close deals and talk business with the industry giants in an energetic environment and feel relaxed knowing GETA ltd has provided you with the best hotel accommodation possible.

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