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The Latest News on COVID 

The official dates for AchemAsia 2022 are out. The major international exhibition for chemical engineering and biotechnology returns to Shanghai, China on April 4th – April 8th, 2022. This will be the first event to be held during the coronavirus pandemic, but DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH has been preparing for the live edition for a long time. Visitors should be calm in knowing all the necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone in attendance. The National Exhibition & Convention Center has been fully equipped with every COVID-19 protective measure in accordance with government regulations. There’s a lot of excitement about AchemAsia 2022 and organisers are expecting a strong turnout. 

A Brief Overview of AchemAsia 

For over thirty years, AchemAsia has been the beating heart for the biotechnology and chemical engineering industry in China. The international exhibition serves not just as a link between the East and the West, but a cornerstone of China’s evolution as a leader on a global level. It’s a leader not just in its home country, but all of Asia. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

AchemAsia doesn’t come round every year, which makes it a prime candidate to attend without too big of a strain on your budget. Plus, the exhibition has official backing from the government so you’re in a prime position to make quality connections. Now, let’s leave the numbers to do the talking:

330 international exhibitors from 16 countries 

10,000+ international visitors 

66% of all visitors work in heavy and light industry

Industry Relevance 

Established in 1989, AchemAsia has followed China’s entire history of modernization and investment in biotechnology and chemicals. Based in Shanghai, China, AchemAsia is a source of groundbreaking innovations and business opportunities not just for the Chinese market, but the whole of Asia. You’re surrounded by cutting-edge advancements in process conducting systems, plants and machinery for the petrochemical engineering, food engineering, analysis technology, packaging, storage, repair and machines for the pharmaceutical industry. All creatively displayed at the National Exhibition & Convention Center. Editions take place one every three years and in addition to the fine networking conditions, visitors can take advantage of the accompanying congress programme. Current topics of discussion range from future productions to the various new advances in industrial water management. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

There are booths belonging to exhibitors from Germany, India, Great Britain, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Canada, Austria, the USA and South Korea. Names include APIX Analytics, ARCA Regler, Baoji Yongshengtai Titanium Industry and Chair Man Hi-Tech among many others. They operate on every point in the supply chain like equipment, apparatus, technologies and concepts for sustainable production in the chemical and related industries. Visitors are predominantly in a position to make decisions and come from the world of industry, trade, sales and research. They are there to scope out the field for interesting new trends and often seek to purchase. Sustainability remains the biggest topic of discussion at AchemAsia and this is best seen in the support programme. One of the best attended events is the AchemAsia PRAXISforum for new products and services. 

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