Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont

Belgium, Libramont-Chevigny
1 year
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Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont takes center stage at Libramont, Beligium, for an update on the state in the agricultural and forestry industries internationally. Held for four days at the end of July, this trade fair brings more 200,000 visitors and around 2000 exhibitors for a spectacular event. With such an outpour of people, some insider help into finding the right accommodation is vital and GETA ltd knows which hotel rooms to book at reduced rates.

Your visit to the Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont can be a smash success with a reservation near the 300,000 m² exhibition grounds or at least in areas with convenient links to the trade fair. Among the represented fields are livestock breeding, the agri-food industry, horticulture, research and education culture among others. This year the trade fair will focus on means to achieve sustainability with talks and presentations on recycling, re-vegetation and renewable energy. Grow your network at the Agricultural and Forest Fair of Libramont and strike the right partnerships with a hotel location that predisposes to success.

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