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AIRTEC gives attendees the excellent chance to observe the aerospace supply chain in its entirety from design, engineering and testing to components, systems and electronics. This is a highly specialized trade exhibition that takes place in Munich, Germany, for three days with activities. It attracts the biggest companies and experts in the industry and thousands in attendance. If you’re going to the event, then leave your travel arrangements to GETA ltd.

GETA ltd provides travelling experts with the best accommodation possible. You book a hotel within your price range and one that sits incredibly close to the AIRTEC trade fair so you’re always the first on the scene. GETA ltd provides you with the perfect opportunity to keep your energy levels high and enhance your chances of meeting important people in your hotel. AIRTEC presents the newest technological advancements, but the fair also gears attendants into forming partnerships and further shaping the future of the aerospace industry.

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