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For the first time in its history, Ambiente Germany 2021 will not run as a standalone show but combine its product groups with those of Christmasworld and Paperworld. This International Consumer Goods Show is scheduled to run from April 17th until April 20th online. The live event will be supplemented by Digital Days’ content. 

A Brief Overview of Ambiente Germany

Ambiente Germany marks that time of year where brands in the decoration, consumer goods and arts and crafts sectors meet to influence consumer tastes. The international trade fair is at the forefront of home and office design trends with collections spanning every possible product group from furniture to lighting solutions. Having the advantage of a long history among professionals, it is the right choice to make a strong international impact.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Wondering why to book a booth exactly for Ambiente Germany? We’ll have statistics speak for themselves on this matter:

  • 4,376 exhibitors showcased their designs last edition;
  • 133,582 visitors, both buyers and members of the general public, attended;
  • Every edition chooses a different country to draw artistic inspiration and inform on global trends;
  • Strong networking opportunities with retailers and wholesalers.

Industry Relevance

Ambiente Germany has history – that counts for something in any industry, where change is an integral part of the landscape. The first edition was held in 1949 in Frankfurt, Germany and it has been organized there every year ever since. The companies that exhibit here have a legacy and you enter a built-in professional community. Not to mention the broad selection of products gives you a complete overview of global trends. Categories include art prints, candles, glassware, grill accessories, metal goods, kitchen appliances, floor coverings, small electrical appliances and hot tubs. The list is more extensive than this. Dining - Giving – Living are the main themes around which the space is organized.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

One of the exhibition’s main ambitions is to service the entire value chain, which is why programs at Ambiente Germany feature a variety of different events like Contract Business, HoReCa and Ethical Style. In addition, organizers pad the five-day show with special presentations, award ceremonies and lectures. As such, it’s no surprise the visitors to make the trip run anywhere from industry experts on the business side to famous designers. Retailers, wholesale and foreign trade, services, manufacturing, skilled trades are the other groups represented in the audience. If we are to look at the nationalities, we see an interesting mix from Europe (France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK) along with Asian presence in South Korea and China.

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