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A Brief Overview of Anuga FoodTec

Anuga FoodTec gathers top experts from the drink and food processing industry under one roof to create valuable contacts, present the latest technological advancements across every link in the product chain and chart future trends. The international expo tackles such fields as automation, refrigeration and the packaging industry and runs a highly informative support program filled with talks and live events.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Anuga FoodTecmight be held a lot less frequently compared to other events: only once every three years, but it has one of the biggest followings in the industry. Organizers point out that each edition brings in more people:

  • 140,000 square metres of exhibition space were reserved;
  • 1,656 exhibitors from 48 countries demonstrated their products;
  • 50,600+ trade visitors attended;
  • 32,000+ of those trade visitors came from 152 countries;

Industry Relevance

As mentioned, Anuga FoodTec runs every three years at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany and it’s this frequency that allows each edition to be entirely its own thing as technology has had time to build on top of its previous achievements. Visiting gives you access to the entire generation of new solutions in the entire industry. The expo has been held since 1996 and in that time, it has grown in importance with the portfolio coming to include auxiliary materials, biotechnology, food safety, packaging aids, control technology, storage facilities, conveyors, data processing, logistics and refrigeration. Complimenting this exciting product line-up are going to be guided tours, special shows, forums and award shows alike.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Anuga FoodTec has a very specific exhibitor profile. As one of the leading platforms within food and beverage for procurement, it draws in manufacturers of machinery and suppliers of tech and equipment. Supplier of packaging materials also constitute a healthy section of the exhibitors. It’s within the visitor portion that we see more diversity – butchers and bakers, grocers, R & D personnel, decision makers, general managers, production and operations managers, construction, production, quality control, maintenance, purchasing, marketing and distribution. A breakdown in terms of nationalities reveals a heavy European presence with Italy, Poland and Russia being one of the segments to experience growth. There’s also a strong Asian presence from China and South Korea.

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