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ARCO is a thriving event that is hosted in Spain and welcomes the global artist community to celebrate art in all its forms. The event is organized by 13 established galleries with real authority in the art world and it’s visited by over 250 collectors, curators and artists in search for the next big name. The exhibition lasts for five days with thousands in attendance. Make sure your business trip goes smoothly with GETA ltd by your side to help you with your search for accommodation.

GETA ltd understands what you need in a hotel room – affordability, strategic location near the exhibition centre and excellent connection to the local transportation system. This allows you to be one effortless commute away from the heart of ARCO. While art exhibitions are the norm, there is so much more to this event – professional meetings, forums, a course that is dedicated to sharing insight into the collecting world and a series showing the faces behind the art.

Make sure your time at ARCO is memorable and trust GETA ltd with organizing your trip.

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