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The coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of the in-person edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2021. The fair will instead be in digital format between 14.06.2021-17.06.2021. The new dates for the in-person edition are from March 21st until March 24th. As this is an in-person event, the highest standards for hygiene and a strict COVID-19 prevention plan will be observed. 


A Brief Overview of Bologna Children's Book Fair

Bologna Children's Book Fair is an international trade fair for books for children that’s unlike any other. It not only serves as a platform for book publishing trends, but also celebrates a sense of wonder to be found in children’s writing while creating a tightknit community of devoted professionals on every level of the value chain. It’s a unique environment where industry folk can exchange ideas and honor excellence through numerous awards!

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

One word describes Bologna Children's Book Fair best – a phenomenon. It’s truly one of a kind event for children’s literature and there’s no rival in Europe. Why do we say that? Take a peek at the statistics:

  • 1,390 exhibitors showcased;
  • 26,700 international visitors made the trip;
  • 100 countries are represented;
  • 6 books and illustrations exhibitions take place during the program;
  • 250 conferences explore trends across markets and fields;
  • 30 awards are handed out.

Industry Relevance

Bologna Children's Book Fair has been running regularly every year for 55 years at the BolognaFiere and in that span of half of century has established itself as indispensable for every kind of professional working in children’s literature. Right now it’s a copyright exchange hub of global significance that not only covers translation rights, but also multi-media and licensing for children’s content. However, children’s literature would be nothing without illustrators’ talent and every edition holds several awards for illustration and the highly popular Illustrators Exhibition – a massive showcase of international creators. Keeping with its global nature, each edition names a Guest of Honor Country. More recently, China was the focus of programming.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

In short, everyone! Exhibitors and audience members are made up from literary agents, authors, translators, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, mobile developers, licensors and licensees, packagers, printers, distributors, audiobook professionals, booksellers, librarians and teachers. In recent years, the trade fair has been steadily exploring the inherent potential of new technologies with an ever growing presence of representatives of the digital publishing, apps and animation sectors attending each year. A breakdown in nationality in exhibitors reveals strong representation from the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, Denmark, the USA, Ireland, Canada and Germany to name a few.

Past editions

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2020

04.05.2020 - 07.05.2020

Bologna Children's Book Fair

Cancelled because of COVID 19


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How to get to Bologna Children's Book Fair

On Foot

On Foot

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport – not advisable

Bologna Central Railway Station – 26 mins via Via Ferrarese


By Car

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport – 10 mins via Tangenziale nord di Bologna

Bologna Central Railway Station – 8 mins via S.da Statale Porrettana/SS64


By Public Transport

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport – 50 mins via transport 35 and then 944

Bologna Central Railway Station – 13 mins via transports 35 or 39

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