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Event Update

The 2024 edition of CameraWorld Live will be hosted on 02.08.2024. It will be held as a live trade show in the Brandshatch Conference Centre.

A Brief Overview of CameraWorld LIVE 

CameraWorld LIVE arose as a means to extend the commercial activity of its organiser - the retail site CameraWorld, but has since turned into the defining photography event of the year in London. It’s a launch pad and promotional tool for celebrated brands to release new products to the world and hype up interest for new products in development. CameraWorld LIVE is also a celebration of the art form with top-tier photographers in attendance. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

CameraWorld LIVE is defined by its fast pace and exhibitors are in the perfect position to raise their industry profile and gain name recognition, especially when surrounded by industry leaders on all sides. The trade show presents great opportunities to generate sales leads and see customer tastes shift in real time: 

  • 160+ global brands participate every year;
  • 930+ international visitors attend the trade show;
  • 250 seminars take place in one day;
  • 40 photography events are organised; 

Industry Relevance 

The idea for CameraWorld LIVE is relatively new as the first edition of the show, hosted first in Brands Hatch, took place in 2012. It was only until 2017 when the London event was added, which runs out of the high-end 155 Bishopsgate conference centre. The Brands Hatch is where you’ll be able to see most experts in action as they demonstrate photographic techniques on race cars breaking all speed limits at the Brands Hatch Kent's world-famous circuit. The race course is located right outside West Kingsdown and can be reached via the A20 near. Visitors can also take advantage of the regular services to Swanley station from London Victoria. 

CameraWorld LIVE entices visitors with the entire value chain of photography related products – cameras, lenses, accessories, optics, bags, lighting, tripods, filters and computing. The best part is that visitors are able to test out groundbreaking new products, which is the best way to make sales. The last edition featured top brands like Canon (EOS R7 and EOS R10), Fujifilm (X-H2S), Sony (3 new lenses and the Sony A7 IV), and Nikon (Nikon Z9). These were exclusively available only at the trade fair, which creates general excitement. As an exhibitor, you’re in the perfect position to create excitement and get an excellent boost in publicity! 

Visitors can buy everything new, but thanks to the trade-in program, they’re also able to sell old equipment or seek out used equipment in top notch condition. That’s the beauty of the show. It services the needs of everyone who loves to take pictures and that’s what made it so influential. 

The Trade-in Post is an established visitor favourite. It’s what complements the marketplace. Old pros and newcomers can use the post to upgrade what they can according to their budget, and have their gear a second life with someone else. Organisers make sure that the prices given for old gear are high enough to make upgrades possible and profitable. After all, photography is expensive – a lot more, if it’s a passion rather than a career. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

We’ve mentioned the high percentage of famous brands, but who are they? In short, everyone that matters – Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Tamron, Sigma, Zeiss, Billingham, Lowepro, Vanguard, Benro, Velbon, Domke and Epson. The audience is a mixture of professional photographers who are looking to upgrade their gear as well as amateurs and hobby photographers who wish to learn from the interactive programme. Each edition of CameraWorld LIVE hosts live photoshoots with models, photography walks, Q&As with top photographers as well as interactive workshops. Photographers associated with CameraWorld LIVE include Jason Lanier, Helen Bartlett, Saraya Cortaville, Terry Donnelly, Damien Lovegrove and Angela Nicholson. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The spirit of the event is geared towards celebration of photography. The Birdseye Track View is an event that services brands, which have debuted new products. You’re able to join professionals on the balcony and see for yourself. 

​Perhaps the most exciting parts of CameraWorld LIVE are the Photowalks. These events provide visitors with access to seasoned photographers, who provide enthusiasts with expert advice. The photo walks are part of the Brands Hatch event and slots are free in charge, but please be advised that capacity is limited. At the Brands Hatch location, visitors will put their skills to the test when capturing motorsport action. At the end, visitors come out on the other side with stronger skills and better understanding of their equipment. 

The 2022 edition featured five individual photo walks – Fujifilm Pro Jeff Carter, Canon Pro Rod Fountain, Tamron Pro Alex Denham, Nikon Expert Bruno and Sony Pro Stephen Waller. That’s only a sample of what you can expect at CameraWorld LIVE.

Past editions

CameraWorld Live 2020

30.07.2020 - 31.07.2020

CameraWorld Live

Cancelled because of COVID 19

How to get to CameraWorld Live

On Foot

On Foot

London City Airport – not advisable

Victoria Coach Station – not advisable


By Car

London City Airport – 25 mins via A1203

Victoria Coach Station – 37 mins via A4


By Public Transport

London City Airport – 33 mins via DLR Bank transport

Victoria Coach Station – 26 mins via Circle Line transport