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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Event Update

Organisers will host the 2025 edition of the in-person trade fair between 07.02.2025 and 11.02.2025. The trade fair will coincide with Ambiente Germany and Creativeworld 2025. The live exhibition will occur at the Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany. Covid-19 health and safety measures will not be put in place because of the Bundestag lifting the coronavirus-related safety regulations. 

A Brief Overview of Christmasworld Frankfurt

Christmas doesn’t come on every year looking like it does without a supporting industry dedicated to gifts and decoration. Christmasworld Frankfurt is the international show that decides what the year’s trends and tastes are going to be, and has the reputation as the primary purchasing platform in Europe. You have high numbers of exhibitors bringing out the next line of seasonal and festive decorations just shortly after the official season is over – the perfect moment to start preparing for the next season. It’s also the best way to touch base with existing partners, compare notes about what sells and what doesn’t, and find new inspiration. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

Christmas is one of the few holidays to unite the whole world, and it’s also a massive market that’s valued in the billions. To have even a little slice of market share is a strategic advantage. Having a booth at Christmasworld means a stronger outreach to new markets with minimal costs. There’s an active, loyal community around the trade fair, which translates to direct sales immediately. In the years before the pandemic, Christmasworld pulled: 

  • 87,300 square metres of exhibition space;
  • 1,048 international exhibitors;
  • 43,450 trade visitors in total;
  • 27,340 international trade visitors.

Industry Profile

It’s no surprise to say that Christmasworld Frankfurt comes around every year and it has done so ever since 1990 to the point, the event is a true mainstay in Frankfurt’s large business calendar. In these almost thirty years, the exhibition has diversified its product line-up from the expected tree ornaments and tree stands, confetti, cords, costumes, and decorations to Christmas electronics. This includes designated areas for other holidays like New Year’s Eve, Easter, and Halloween. 

Now the exhibition floors are divided into the following major areas - Candles, Christmas & Seasonal Decoration, Visual Merchandising & Light, Florists’ Requisites & Garden Decorations, Ribbons & Wrapping, Christmas Delights and Global Sourcing. The last of these is particularly interesting as it highlights exhibitors that are not operating in the West such as China, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Another powerful aspect of the exhibition is showing visitors how the trends are going to look in real life. This is achieved via the Christmasworld Trend Show, which provides a practical spin on how to utilise decoration for large-scale, public spaces. We already have a solid idea about the trends you can expect to see in 2023. The overarching storyline has to do with sustainability and creating truly meaningful moments that last. There’s going to be an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, material research and digital innovations. Organisers have revealed that the three trend statements for 23+ are unknown beauty_strange + gracious, calming nature_careful + pleasant, and finally, lasting ideas_passionate + evocative.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Christmasworld Frankfurt is predominantly an international affair as can be seen from attendance numbers. Exhibitors represent 43 countries, while trade visitors are made up from 129 different nationalities. When it comes to exhibitors, you have a wonderful mix of small and large names in the industry. Some we’d like to mention include AGAWA, 3 Way Trading Company, Groupe Leblanc, Leworks, Wax Industri Nusantara and Wandera. 

The main reason for visitors to come is to either purchase new products or grow their professional network. Visitors also come from different places in the industry – managing directors, board members, operations managers, self-employed entrepreneurs, department heads and trainees. The most represented industries are retail trade, services, wholesale and foreign trade and skilled trades. The majority of visitors have decisive purchasing power in their organisation, or at least occupy an advisory role. This means you enjoy a high concentration of qualified sales leads, which you can easily convert into actual orders. 

Additional Value of Attending 

Taking note from many other trade shows, which have made the transition to hybrid formats during the pandemic, Christmasworld is now augmented by the Christmasworld Digital Extension, which will be active throughout the year and be supercharged around the dates of the live edition. Here’s what to expect – more networking opportunities, easier contacts to participants and experts via 1-on-1 calls and chats, and live streaming of selected lectures, workshops and discussion rounds. As a user, you can participate interactively in chats and Q&A sessions during and following the events as they take place in real time. 

For those lucky enough to attend in person, you can immerse the senses at the Christmas Delights zone populated with chocolate, biscuits, sweets or tea, liqueurs and hot wine. The best way to get to know the products is to taste them, and Christmas Delights is certainly a visitor favourite every year. The optimum assortment design gives visitors the opportunity to sample faster, which results in shorter lines and a faster turnover of sales leads. Plus, can anyone really resist the sights, sounds and smells of an atmospheric Christmas market atmosphere? The answer – not really. 

The Conzoom Solutions Academy builds up your knowledge about consumer behaviour and the market shifts. Top speakers are invited to break down their expertise and knowledge surrounding topics like point of sale and visibility on the internet so that you can start the new season on a much firmer ground. You’ll find that the retail arena looks mightily different due to the irreversible big changes made by the pandemic. Find out practice-oriented solutions and inspirations here. 

Past editions

Christmasworld Frankfurt 2024

26.01.2024 - 30.01.2024

Christmasworld Frankfurt

360 000+

m2 of event space

4 900+


+/- 83

Exhibitor countries

140 000



of visitors were from abroad


of visitors were pleased with the events


Participant countries

1 700 000

Social media impressions

Coincided with Creativeworld and Ambiente Germany 2023

4 561


154 000



m2 of exhibition space


Participant countries


Visitor satisfaction rate

Edition was held digital to prevent the fast spread of COVID-19.






Represented Countries

How to get to Christmasworld Frankfurt

On Foot

On Foot

From Hauptbahnhof - 20 min

From Frankfurt Airport – 35 min with a bike


By Car

From Frankfurt Main Station - 10 min

From Frankfurt Airport - 20 min


By Public Transport

From HBF S-Bahns with numbers 3, 4, 5 or 6 will all get you to Messe Frankfurt for 11 min

From Frankfurt Airport with ICE, S8 or S9 for 35 min to HBF and then S3, S4, S5 or S6 for 11 min