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A Brief Overview of CIBUS CONNECT

Italy is known for its unrivalled food production, and CIBUS CONNECT opens the door to this highly competitive market. The international trade fair thrives on connections and tastings as you are able to experience the flavours of fruits, vegetables, gelato and pastry, plant-based foods and wholefoods and additives. The right kind of buyers are all in place, and you survey the landscape of Made-in-Italy brands – a phrase that continues to elicit excitement and respect from consumers all over the world. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

CIBUS CONNECT is the gateway to the Italian market, which is quite active and highly regarded for its quality produce and food articles. If you’re hoping to cement your reputation and make great business contacts, this is where you need to be. The atmosphere is friendly and everyone is there to make smart purchases. You’ll meet with relevant buyers and build strong bridges across major markets in Europe and beyond. Here are the key numbers to have in mind: 

  • 900+ Made-in-Italy food brands 
  • 10,000+ trade visitors 
  • 3000 buyers from 90 countries 
  • 500 new products presented 

Industry Relevance 

CIBUS CONNECT has been the permanent home for the Italian agri-food sector for decades now and positions itself as the primary B2B purchasing platform in the country. The best way to enter the Italian market is to attend the international trade fair, which is held every March in Parma, Italy. Editions run for two days out of Fiera di Parma and welcomes professionals working in the import and export industry, retail and the HoReCa sector.

All product categories find their way to the show floors at CIBUS CONNECT: deli meats, cheeses, pasta, tomato-based products, olive oil, baked goods, beverages, grocery products, frozen food, local products, fruits and vegetables. Whatever you associate with the taste and flavour of Italy, you will be able to find it there. In 2023, the trade fair is restructuring and introducing several new themed areas that will help buyers navigate the fair better:

  • FOCUS Fruit & Vegetables: Italian produce receives the royal treatment as exhibitors are able to showcase fresh, frozen and processed fruits and vegetables to a dedicated audience. 
  • FOCUS Plant Based: The area explores the market innovative ingredients and high-value added products that are derived from plants. 
  • FOCUS Cibus Endurance: Sports nutrition is gaining traction as a hot commodity with a growing market share. This area highlights high-value whole foods and supplements. Plus, it will be a home base for experts, doctors, researchers, scientists and sportspeople to get into the nitty gritty of sports nutrition.
  • Focus Gelato & Pastry: Aside from fresh ingredients, Italy is known for its vastly adored and rich culture of baked goods and gelato. This last area examines semi-finished products, bases and ingredients. It’s where tradition meets technology. 

It makes sense for CIBUS CONNECT to be based in Parma. Parma holds the distinction of being the first Italian city to be designated UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. It’s easy to see why Parma wears the crown of the capital of food. First there’s the ideal location - the heart of the Food Valley. Second, it’s the city’s rich history in food and culinary conquests. Today, there are 8 food museums, where you can see how emblematic foods are being produced. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Everybody working in the food sector circles the dates of CIBUS CONNECT and travels to Parma for the full experience of Made-in-Italy brands. You’re looking at food retailers, department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty stores chains, restaurant chains, hotel chains, food service, wholesalers, distributors and importers. Geographically speaking, the biggest portion of buyers are based in Europe, but the trade show has a wide appeal around the globe with visitors arriving from Asia, the Middle East and Northern America. 

The excellent Buyers’ Program guarantees you have perfect a opportunity to network with decision makers who have real purchasing power. These would be purchasing managers, import managers, category managers, top managers, private label managers and executive chefs. 

Companies in attendance at CIBUS CONNECT include but are not limited to Nomisma, Conad, ADM, Largo Consumo, Jakala, Confagricoltura, Assica and IRI.

Additional Value of Attending 

The Buyers’ Program in particular empowers visitors to make the most out of their trip and see as many potential suppliers as possible. For starters, buyers take part in exclusive networking events that aim to make all necessary introductions to Italian top producers. Buyers also benefit from thematic itineraries and guided tours that narrow the scope and focus of their visit to just what they are looking for. During downtime, head to the Buyers' Lounge where you can take your lunch and any other refreshments. Organisers have supplied the lounge with a VIP Zone, meeting rooms as well as interpreting services. 

The fun doesn’t stop at the exhibition centre. Buyers can sign up on factory visits, which are tours of Italian food companies selected by specific product categories. These are customised tours that give you special insights few others get to glimpse. You’ll get to see how the top Made-in-Italy foods are made and sold. It’s also worth mentioning that the buyers’ program comes with access to CibusLab, where conferences, exclusive content and news about the Italian agri-food sector are shared on a regular schedule.