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Event Update for CIIE 2024

The 2024 edition of CIIE will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai, China. The hosting format will be “face-to-face” and the hosting dates will be between 05.11.2024 and 10.11.2024. National Exhibition and Convention Centre will not have the latest coronavirus safety measures. This is due to the country removing its pandemic-related limitations. Attendees should note that they will be asked to fill out a Health Declaration before entry into the country. 

A Brief Overview of CIIE

Chinese International Import Exhibition (shortened to CIIE) is the import & export trade show that is already making waves in international commerce circles just after a single edition. The event is a major move on the part of China to foster long-term economic relationships with other regions. The annual event has found a home base in Shanghai.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Business is the main driving force behind CIIE, and it is why you should establish yourself early in the community forming around this recent endeavour. Exhibitors look forward to long-term contract partnerships with sizeable merchants in China. The first edition was a success and the second one is shaping up to be an even bigger event:

  • 3600+ international enterprises participated;
  • 500+ new companies expected to attend;
  • 70+ companies that are among the Fortune 500;
  • 100,000+ square metres of exhibition space dedicated;
  • 150,000+ national and foreign purchasers;
  • One hundred seventy-two countries represented.

Industry Relevance

What’s fascinating about CIIE is the fact it’s an exhibition in the making – the very first edition is from 2018 and organizers already report they plan to increase the exhibition area and add further themed areas in its current line-up. We have to point out that the CIIE is a powerful economic and political move as the Chinese government is setting a firm course towards trade liberalization and economic globalization. This certainly strikes as a natural decision given that China already sits at a top position as the second-largest economy and ranks as the second-largest importer and consumer in the world. Organizers have invited companies of all major industries to exhibit – automotive, food and beverage, fashion and clothing, consumer electronics, medical technology and more.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Because the CIIE is a national import & export expo there is a strong presence of Chinese national buyers looking to come into purchase agreements with major international companies known the world over. The event stimulates international commerce and to that end, there are merchants of foreign origin in the mix from other Asian countries, Europe, and the Americas. As far as the brands you can expect to see in the exhibit, the list is extensive and features names like:

  • Nestle
  • Danone
  • Porsche
  • Unilever
  • Volkswagen Group
  • General Motors
  • Walmart
  • Deloitte
  • British Airways
  • Intel Audi
  • Lamborghini
  • Sony
  • Bentley
  • Google Benetone
  • Tet-a-Tete
  • FUJI

These names command authority and only give further trust and reputability behind CIIE.

Past editions

CIIE 2023

05.11.2023 - 10.11.2023


3 400+


+/- 410 000



of the Fortune 500 companies attended

78 410 000 000

USD worth of conducted deals

2 800+



Exhibitors who represented Fortune 500 enterprises


Exhibitor countries

350 000



Visitor countries


New wares debuted

73 520 000 000

USD of conducted trade deals


Attending countries


Attending government representatives, envoys, CEOS and scholars




Attending press representatives

How to get to CIIE

On Foot

On Foot

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – not advisable

Hongqiao Railway Station – not advisable


By Car

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – 14 mins via Yinggang East Road

Hongqiao Railway Station – 10 mins via Yinggang East Road


By Public Transport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport – not available

Hongqiao Railway Station – not available