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CMT welcomes everyone who wants to experience an adventure in the outdoors and on the road. This entirely public trade fair takes place in Stuttgart, Germany, and stays open for a grand total of nine days. The exhibition emphasizes on all forms of tourism including caravan, camping and the ever growing motor tourism. There are over 2000 exhibitors confirmed to present you with the hottest trends and destinations around the globe. Make sure your attendance is memorable with accommodation courtesy of GETA ltd.

GETA ltd makes sure you find the right hotel to book. In short, your dream room is three very simple things: inexpensive, well-linked to the local public transport services and in the close vicinity of your event’s venue. This saves you money, time and effort, while making sure you are always first and have a shot at all the best deals. CMT offers a solution to everyone. Whether you want cycling, golf, wellness or culture as the main themes of your trip, CMT is the place to find it and GETA ltd helps you get the most out of your stay.

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