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CMT Fahrrad & Erlebnisreisen mit Wandern is the sister event of the very popular CMT tourism trade fair, which focuses on the exciting trends in the small, but rapidly growing adventure holidays and cycling sectors. The trade fair is held in Stuttgart, Germany, for two days with exhibitors presenting the newest bicycles to thousands of enthusiasts. Ensure your business trip is always on track with GETA ltd in charge of your accommodation. You can expect only excellence and dedication to finding a hotel room that’s suitable for your needs. You receive accommodation that remains within you price range, connects to a variety of public transportation links and sits close to the event grounds for maximum convenience. This allows you to fully enjoy CMT Fahrrad & Erlebnisreisen mit Wandern, which features a variety of products including innovative accessories, wheels, electric bikes and hiking gear. The top travel agents introduce you to exciting new destinations and tours as well as inform you about emerging trends. Unlock the trade fair’s full potential with GETA ltd to handle your accommodation and have a mighty good time.

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