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A Brief Overview of COMPAMED

COMPAMED presents the latest high tech solutions in the world of medical technology with top specialized exhibitors from around the world setting to unveil their very best achievements within medical equipment and technologies. The international trade fair is a mainstay event where health professionals can interact freely, build on their expertise and follow up on career opportunities in a conductive environment.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

When we’re talking about COMPAMED, we are talking a phenomenon in the medical industry – a true juggernaut for medical technology. Each edition challenges itself to ride at the cusp of new trends and advancements. The statistics show it all:

  • 250,000 square feet of exhibition space are utilized;
  • 750+ international exhibitors from 40 countries are demonstrating their products;
  • 113,582 international trade visitors are set to attend in conjecture to MEDICA;
  • 2 forums

Industry Profile

COMPAMED was first held in 1992 and runs every year as a complimentary event for MEDICA – the largest medical trade fair across the entire world. Where MEDICA had a much broader and all-reaching approach to the medical industry, COMPAMED has specialized within the fields of product development, medical devices and medical supply. If we are to look at the product groups, we see HEPA filters, hose systems, disinfection equipment, ECG electrodes, elastomers, analyzers, angioplasty, diagnostic kits, diaphragm pumps, oxygen supply systems, linear motors and the list goes on and on. The fair’s main function is to facilitate cross-border transactions and build client lists for suppliers and manufacturers.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

It’s hard to compile a full profile of the visitors coming to COMPAMED, especially given the full influence of MEDICA over visitors. Nevertheless, you can expect production managers, heads of research and development departments, engineers and technicians for R&D, technical procurement managers, medical technology exhibitors of MEDICA, design engineers, process engineers and packaging specialists. Looking at the nationalities, we see over 62 countries represented with the main groups from Europe like the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain. One of the biggest draws in terms of programming is the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM, which runs a series of talks and lectures on the ever-increasing role of microtechnology in medicine and future applications. Another big topic that has taken over everyone’s imagination is the potential of wearables for better patient care.

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