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The Organizers of CPhI Worldwide has announces the new November 2021 Dates:

The CPHI 2021 show has been rescheduled because of the summer holiday season and back to a more traditional CPhI Worldwide calendar. The show will place from 9th – 11th November 2021, at the original venue, Fiera Milano.

Hopefully COVID vaccination programmes will be advanced by November and this will ensure that international travel will be allowed. The in person event is expected to be even more busy and successful, delivering you the same opportunities and the experience you’ve come to expect from CPhI Worldwide.

A Brief Overview of CPhI Worldwide

Introduce yourself to the newest trends in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing at the CPhI Worldwide – the event giant on the pharma market. Held in Frankfurt, Germany, this international exhibition pioneers new practices and standards across the entire value chain going through ingredients sourcing through to packaging and quality control. It’s the most important B2B platform for procurement and networking, especially considering how it’s co-held with other major exhibitions in the industry.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

To explain it plain and simple, CPhI Worldwide is good for business. There is a reason why this exhibition has been deemed as the world leader in introducing suppliers to relevant customers on all levels. We bring you statistics to help in the matter:

  • 83,649 square metres of exhibition space is dedicated;
  • 2,500+ international exhibitors in total;
  • 45,000+ international trade visitors in total;
  • 163 countries represented;
  • 18 country pavilions.

An Industry Profile

CPhI Worldwide goes as far back as 1990 and has been held once a year ever since. The great advantage to this show is that it rotates between several major cities in Europe, so you can count on a different audience every year depending on the market. Another key fact to highlight is that CPhI Worldwide is part of a portfolio of events that together represent the full pharmaceutical sector. These events are ICSE, P-MEC, InnoPack and FDF. The focus at CPhI Worldwide is directed towards chemicals and pharmaceuticals like dietary fiber, dietary supplements, alkaloids, amino acids, biocatalysts, antibodies, antioxidants, drops, food additives, herbal teas, hormones, plant extracts, powders and suppositories among others.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Since we’ve established that CPhI Worldwide is a procurement platform, the audience at each edition is comprised from representatives of supply and demand. A peek at the exhibitors’ list will reveal names like Valsynthese SA, Taejoon Pharm, Vefa Ilac, Takasago International Corp, NARA Machinery and Daikin to name a few. If we’re talking about countries, there are the usual suspects from Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Portugal. There is also a growing number of companies from Asia, China in particular, though South Korea makes a strong presence. The excellent support program that features conferences and highlights like the Pharma Awards Gala and Pharma Insight Briefings draw in researches and experts!

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