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Domotex 2021 has been converted to a Domotex Digital Day due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Germany. Domotex 2021 was initially conceived as a hybrid event. Industry players will be able to discover in conference format what’s new and trending in the world of floor coverings on May 20th.

A Brief Overview of DOMOTEX Hannover

DOMOTEX Hannover brings established industry giants and emerging companies in the carpets and textile floor coverings industry along with expert to display the best new products and discuss best practices. Held in Hannover, Germany, the international exhibition sees thousands in attendance – a wealth of global markets waiting to be tapped. There’s much to discover in terms of trends, networking opportunities and sales lead generation.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

It all comes down to numbers really, which is the most important metric for a procurement platform like DOMOTEX Hannover. You want to have your business grow and enter new markets in neighboring regions, or perhaps even to the other end of the world. This exhibition delivers thanks to:

  • 194,300 square metres of exhibition space;
  • 1,553 international exhibitors from over 60 countries;
  • 45,110 international trade visitors.

Industry Relevance

DOMOTEX Hannover has been in operation since 1989 – more than ample time to grow and gain the prestige it’s enjoying currently. The exhibition tracks and sets design trends and more in the world of carpeting every year as well. Yes, there’s a market for the finished products like bath mats, area rugs, artificial grass, handmade carpets, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, mats, oriental rugs, outdoor flooring, patio slabs and more. However, we also have to mention that the exhibition is dedicated to the entire process chain – clean-off systems, cutting tools, carpet cleaning, carpet finishing, adhesives, dyes, fabrics, fibers, stair nosings systems, needle punching machines and so much more. No matter what corner of the flooring industry you come from, you’re going to find a perfect product and interaction.

Who Are You Going to Meet

As a procurement platform with cross-border transactions as the norm, DOMOTEX Hannover is an attractive destination for exhibitors from the entire spectrum. There are representatives of the traditional, handmade carpet techniques as well as companies which utilize groundbreaking tech to refine processing, design and efficiency. This is also reflected in the nationalities represented. We have famed carpet makers like Afghanistan, Morocco, India, Egypt and Turkey along with the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark and Finland. Parquet and flooring specialists, decorators, painters and carpenters are also attracted by the practical aspects promised in the forum’s program.

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