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2 years
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!!! Important !!! The 2020 edition of EIMA International has been officially cancelled by the organisers due to coronavirus.

A Brief Overview of EIMA International

Southern Europe has been recognized worldwide for its incredibly flavorful fruits, vegetables and herbs, so it’s no surprise that Italy hosts one of the longest running trade fairs for agriculture and horticulture on the continent. We’re talking about EIMA International, which takes place in Bologna and serves as a meeting place for the exchange of experience, showcasing the newest trends and handling business. It’s an event not to be missed!

After you’ve bought tickets for the trade fair, getting a hotel is the next step. GETA ltd is here to place your hotel booking request on your behalf. We have strong connections to hotels in Bologna – both central areas and outskirts. Whatever location you prefer; we can secure it! We always seek locations that have good public transport connections to make your commute simple and efficient. Lastly, you, of course, receive the best prices on the market!

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Business is won by those who show up to create personal connections and those who manage to stay in step with the times. EIMA International gives you both of these resources to not only grow in your own market, but also expand to new horizons. Here’s a look of statistics:

  • 130,000+ square metres dedicated as exhibition space;
  • 1700+ international exhibitors;
  • 284,000+ international trade visitors;
  • Industry 4.0 presentations;
  • 4 distinct salons – EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Energy and EIMA M.i.A.

Industry Relevance

The two biggest strengths EIMA International relies on are its longevity and portfolio of products. The trade fair was first held in 1969, making it among one of the oldest events of its kind in the world. Editions roll out every two years in Bologna, and by now there’s a strong sense of community. Attendance lets you tapped into an already existing network of professionals from all links in the value chain. Back to the product portfolio, you see a wild mix of technology – forestry engineering, agricultural machinery, tractors, engines, soil cultivation machines, gardening tools, livestock farming, milking installations, plant protection, irrigation plants, harvesting machines and renewable energies.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

EIMA International has grown a strong international appeal and it shows. The audience hails from 150 countries, which is a new record for the trade fair itself. In terms of interest, there is a lot of presence from enthusiasts along with business visitors. Manufacturers, farmers, experts, researchers and organizations are some of the visitors that make their way to the proceedings. We can expect nothing less because the programming becomes ever more involved in related fields of technology. EIMA Energy is the themed salon that’s full invested into adapting renewable energy resources of agricultural and forestry origin.

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