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Northern Europe’s leading trade fair for subcontractors, Elmia Subcontractor, will still hold an in-person event for its 2021 edition. The trade show is set for November 9th – November 12th at Elmia Exhibition Centre in Jönköping, Sweden, with the theme of “business unusual.” Strict, extensive COVID-19 prevention measures will apply. 

A Brief Overview of Elmia Subcontractor

Elmia Subcontractor is the international trade show dedicated to immense and diverse field of subcontracting. It gathers professionals of the metal, rubber, plastic and engineering sectors into a place to discuss intersectionality as well as reveal the newest and best in industrial supplies. It’s one of the definitive shows of its kind in Northern Europe with Jonkoping, Sweden serving as the host for every new edition.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Subcontracting branches off into several skill-specific trades and to have an entire trade fair that unites related professionals under one roof is a smart decision. The convenience draws in clients with sizeable budgets, attracted to access to so many professionals. You can see this reflected in the statistics:

  • 1200 international exhibitors are set to demonstrate their products and services;
  • 30 countries represented;
  • 15,000 international trade visitors are projected to attend.

Industry Relevance

Before we delve deep into the focus of Elmia Subcontractor, we want to tell you about its history so you get a better understanding of the trade show. The very first edition was held back in 1975 at the Elmia Exhibition Centre and since then it’s been occurring once every year early in winter. Open only to a professional audience, the show marries a business mindset with a focus on technical innovation across the entire supply chain. Product categories feature machine tools, machine components, machinery components, manufacturing processes, assembly equipment, raw materials, semi-finished goods, connection equipment and electronics components among others. It’s the perfect opportunity to stimulate sales numbers and research which markets are open to you.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Elmia Subcontractor has a stronger hold over European markets as exhibitors are often from the host country (Sweden) along with Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Hungary. There’s also representatives from every major industry including the automotive, machine building and electro/electronics industry. Volvo Car Corporation, FM Mattson Mora Group AB, Inxide, FKG and GT Prototypes are some of the companies to have sent representatives to survey the program. But if you think that the trade show is only a place for corporate giants, think again. Organizers at Elmia Subcontractor have added Ignite Elmia – a matchmaking feature that puts startups into the spotlight and connects them to established vendors.

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