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Elmia Wood 2022 will mark the return for the international forestry and lumber exhibition. The COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to hold a trade event as large as Elmia Wood in 2021, so Elmia AB has chosen to cancel and refocus on next year. By June 2022, organisers hope that the pandemic will be better managed and it will be possible to restart the industry in person. Trade shows remain the best platform to achieve your business goals. Programming will take place from June 2nd until June 4th, 2022 on the forest plot outside Bratteborgs Gård in Sweden. There will be strict COVID-19 protective measures put in place to guarantee the safety of all in attendance. 

A Brief Overview of Elmia Wood 

Elmia Wood presents an overall view of the forestry industry in Swedish and Nordic forestry. The international trade fair is not just a stage for innovations and generating sales, but also discussing changes in how we approach forestry. Reforestation and responsible timber harvesting are topics of interest and Elmia Wood is a pioneer of the movement. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

If you’re invested into breaking into the forestry industry in Northern Europe, then you have no better platform to achieve your goals than Elmia Wood. The international trade fair makes for a smart investment because it’s held once every four years and manages to draw in the entire sector into one place. Here is what you can look forward to in the upcoming edition: 

  • 555 international exhibitors 
  • 54,000 international visitors
  • 21 countries represented
  • Nearly 50 years of excellent  

Industry Relevance 

Elmia Wood first arrived on the scene in 1977 and since put the Swedish forestry industry square into the spotlight. Today Nordic manufacturers and suppliers are at the top of the food chain thanks to this international trade show. Elmia Wood is organised every four years so when a new edition rolls in at Bratteborgs Gård near Jönköping, Sweden it feels like a brand new show. Today, Elmia wood is a platform for innovation thanks to close ties to local universities. The product portfolio has much to offer - moulding cutters, mulchers, off-road vehicles, forestry cranes, chippers, bio-energy units, grubbing-up units, saws and so much more. A big part of the trade show are the live demonstrations whether that’s in the Forestry Machinery zone, Drone Zone or Wood Working areas. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 


Elmia Wood is all about introducing supply to demand and showcasing just how far the industry has come in the span of four years. Big and small machine manufacturers are always on the ground to demonstrate their newest models. We’re talking about brands like John Deere, Komatsu Forest, Haglöfs, Ponsse, Rottne, Tigercat, Ecolog, Volvo and Liebherr. With such big names, it’s then not surprising to discover the important people that attend the show. The audience is made up of forest owners, forestry experts, contractors, forestry administrators, forest transport companies and other skilled workers. The educational programming and Wood Working area brings in professionals from all levels and skill sets. Elmia Wood is not just a marketplace. It’s also a keeper of history thanks to Elmia Classics – a digital database that stores brochures and service manuals for forest machines dating back to 1955.



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