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France, Lyon
1 year
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Have you been making an impression in the horse riding and horse care industry? Equita Lyon is the international trade show you need to add to your calendar. Not only is it a reputable event with a long tradition, but you get to meet over 700 exhibitors covering all the fields of this industry in France. If you’re one of them, secure your hotel accommodation while prices are low and have GETA ltd do the heavy lifting! Organizing your business trip on your own can be stressful. It involves countless hours you spend comparing prices and researching location. Book a hotel for Equita Lyon in one simple click. GETA ltd works with you to research the best hotel deals that fit you budget and cut down on your commute. This way you’re in the heart of the action! Equita Lyon boasts 10 quarries and will showcases 2000 horses. It’s the place to purchase a horse. Not to mention enjoy the FEI WORLD CUP competitions – one for jumping and one for the dressage.

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