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Köln, Germany

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A Brief Overview of Eu'Vend & Coffeena

Eu'Vend & Coffeena stands at the intersection of the vending machine sector and the broader coffee market. The international exhibition is a hot bed for innovation in vending technology and is a trusted, specialized marketplace in this niche within the food and beverage industry. As such, it’s the perfect platform to receive the latest news and developments, while pursuing opportunities to close deals for international markets.

GETA ltd provides you with a list of hand-selected offers that reflect your needs and exceed your expectations. Your hotel accommodation for Eu'Vend & Coffeena is within your budget, close to the exhibition centre and with access to local transportation. This way you get the best value on your hotel room and only elevate your experience. It’s a simple, efficient and adjustable service that works for as few as two people and a group as large as ten or above.

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Some international events can be overwhelming, because they are so heavily visited, and you can get lost amidst the crowd. Eu'Vend & Coffeena is nothing of the sort, because it’s a specialized market with a tighter focus. This means you have enough space to stand out and compete for the attention of big buyers. Here are the statistics:

  • 188 international exhibitors from 22 countries;
  • 5000 international visitors from around 60 countries;
  • 13,500 square metres of exhibition space.

Industry Relevance

A reason why Eu'Vend & Coffeena brings in such numbers is because the exhibition is still in its early stage. EU'VEND was first held in Cologne back in 2003, where before interested parties had to visit ANUGA to conduct business. The event employed a biennial release schedule and it took until 2011 for EU'VEND to merge with COFFEENA and create this blend between vending technology and the coffee sector. Exhibitors cover a wide spectrum of products such as espresso machines, hot drinks, instant coffee, coffee, coffee grinders, coffee machines, non-food vending machines, disposable tableware, snack vending machines, access vending machines and beverage vending machines to name a few.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, SANIFAIR, AXA, Nestle, Volkswagen, ALDI Kaffeerösterei, Dr. Oetker, Lufthansa, LIDL and Red Bull are some of the brands that have representatives at the exhibition to scout new technologies and solutions. It’s a pretty varied group and this is all due to the fact that organizers target a wide selection of visitors groups. We’re talking bakeries, canteens, casinos and gambling halls, hotels and youth hostels, hospitals, schools and universities, wholesale and retail trade, and any other business that wants to boost employees’ productivity with coffee and snacks aplenty. As the exhibition happens in Cologne, it’s no surprise to see a predominant presence of German exhibitors and visitors, while the remainder of the visitors come mostly from countries in Europe!

Past editions

Eu'Vend & Coffeena 2020

29.10.2020 - 31.10.2020

Eu'Vend & Coffeena

Cancelled because of COVID-19


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Total Exhibitors


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