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The Latest News on COVID

Finanz Zurich 2022 has been postponed to 27.04.2022 and 28.04.2022 due to complications caused by the latest wave of Covid-19. DeltaBlue AG Exhibitions & Events and JHM Finanzmesse AG are hard at work ensuring that the event will have strict Covid-19 safety measures in place. This will include a stringent 3G entry policy at the Zurich Oerlikon. In order to enter the venue, visitors will be required to present a Covid-19 certificate or negative test results. The exhibition grounds at Halle 500 will feature extensive sanitation, social distancing and improved ventilation. 

A Brief Overview of Finanz Zurich 

Finance experts and industry veterans travel from near and far to attend Finanz Zurich. This trade fair is the biggest financial fair in Switzerland and has a strong influence over what’s happening in the sector today. Switzerland is naturally one of the biggest financial markets in the world, so it’s only natural that Finanz Zurich has a strong reputation worldwide. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

A booth at this trade fair is well worth the initial cost. Finanz Zurich is well regarded and because it’s smaller compared to other trade events, you have a better chance to form personal connections with attendees. Finanz Zurich creates the right conditions to do valuable market research as well as generate sales leads:

• 174 international exhibitors had a booth 

• 3800+ international trade visitors attended

• 76 countries were represented

• 130 speakers took the stage 

• 66 presentations were made 

Industry Relevance 

Finanz Zurich has been running for 23 years and established itself at the centre of all major trends and happenings in the financial sector internationally. The major trade fair is organised once a year in January at Halle 550 in Zurich, Switzerland. What makes Finanz Zurich truly unmissable is the richness of its product portfolio. Buyers and investors are keen to look into financial tech, crypto, investment products, insurance products, real estate investments and company pension plans. At the same time, we have to mention how influential the support program is. The Open Forum is one of the best places to learn about groundbreaking ideas and technologies. We also have to mention that there are a lot of events to choose from – roundtables, specialist panels, training seminars, keynote speeches, and exhibitor presentations.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Finanz Zurich is home to every related field in the financial industry. The audience is split among asset managers, private bankers, family offices, insurers, pension funds and digital fintech startups. The majority of visitors come from the European Union, but you also get high-profile experts and buyers from China and the US. Visitors are interested in doing business and researching products, and they generally occupy high positions in their companies. You’ll meet face to face with CEOs, owners, directors, partners and upper management. Here are a few of the names of exhibitors that regularly attend Finanz Zurich - Aberdeen Standard Investments, Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, GENTWO, Independent Credit View, Jupiter Asset Management, Matthews Asia, PME Magazine, and PrimeEnergy Cleantech.


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Finanz Zurich

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