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FORUM VINI has exquisite tastes for every palette of full refinement. This wine fair has a long history and each year brings thousands of enthusiasts and industry professionals to the expo centre in Germany. Organize your business trip right from the get-go and cross off the accommodation from your to-do list, because GETA ltd has the perfect hotel for you.

GETA ltd locates the most attractive offers with a price that suits your budget and location as close to the wine fair as possible. You’ll be a short distance away from the expo centre and be near the local public transport, so you’re always on time for the day’s events and best deals. FORUM VINI has much to offer you – be it wines, sparkling wines or spirits. The fair brings together a multicultural group of exhibitors ready to display their best delicacies, accessories, magazines and books on wine and wine culture. Be an active part of the FORUM VINI festivities and leave GETA ltd to have all travel arrangements your may have.

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13.11.2020 - 15.11.2020


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