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Futurebuild focuses on the strides made in the environmental protection, building and sustainable design on a global scale with the most celebrated minds in the field coming to the thee-day event held in London, UK. That’s a lot of business trips in need of hotel accommodation, but lucky for you GETA ltd can get you killer deals in no time.

Futurebuild hotels are easy to come by when you know where to look and GETA ltd knows all the good places. You need tell us only how much you’re prepared to pay for a room and where in London you wish to be located. GETA ltd works with this information to present you with excellent custom-tailored offers that maximize your benefits from your Futurebuild attendance. All rooms we book are strategically close to public transport to simplify the act of commuting. Futurebuild itself promises to be intense with a conference that boasts over 600 speakers from all fields. Guests get up-to-date information on important changes in legislation as well as consultations from top professionals.

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