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Welcome to the most exciting niche trade fair in the world. GELATISSIMO comes to the city of Stuttgart, Germany, to celebrate the ancient, still-practiced art of hand-make ice-cream. The event lasts for five days with 900 international exhibitors showcasing products and services in the sectors of ice-cream, baking and confectionary. A true testament to the fair’s popularity is its vibrant audience that number over 78,000, promising that searching for hotel accommodation is going to be challenging. GETA ltd promises you an effortless reservation.

Business professionals on the road need time to focus on their mission at GELATISSIMO, so GETA ltd takes the initiative of finding and booking the most suitable hotel room on the market. You get affordable rates, key location and access to well-developed public modes of transportation. This allows you to network with market leaders, close in the best deals and secure the best seats during the product and services demonstrations.

GELATISSIMO can be your company’s crowning moment, so use the opportunity and secure yourself an effortless business trip with GETA ltd by your side.

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