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Event Update

GELATISSIMO 2026 will be a live trade show hosted between 07.02.2026 and 11.02.2026. The event will coincide with INTERGASTRA 2026. The events will be hosted in Messe Stuttgart.

A Brief Overview of GELATISSIMO

Stuttgart gathers thousands of confectioners, gelato maestros and gastronomy professionals to craft excellence in the world of gelato at GELATISSIMO. Co-located with INTERGASTRA, this trade fair explores the newest advancements in product and processes within ice-cream production in a tightly focused format complete with exciting competitions. The exhibition grounds lay out every link in the processing chain from raw materials and consumables to processing and packaging. 

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Why Your Visit is Worth It

GELATISSIMO, as a tightly specialised event, creates the perfect opportunity to network with your peers and superiors in a career-advancing way. The trade fair creates the perfect conditions to generate buzz for new products and services, research market trends and reconnect with existing partners. The costs to travel and exhibit are more than worth it. 

Plus, the co-location with INTERGASTRA ensures foot traffic in the high thousands opening you to the widest audience possible. You’ll break even on the first day and make a lot of qualified sales leads. The numbers are more than satisfactory: 

  • 149 exhibitors 
  • 110,000+ international trade visitors with INTERGASTRA
  • 75 countries
  • 30 different varieties of pistachio ice cream

Industry Relevance 

Established in 1967 and recurring every two years, GELATISSIMO stands as a testament to the transformation of ice-cream production from a seasonal market to a year-round business. Located at Messe Stuttgart, this specialised trade fair caters to confectioners and ice-cream manufacturers, offering a comprehensive spectrum that spans from work and production technologies to raw materials, wafers and consumables.

GELATISSIMO is a singular event, exclusively dedicated to handmade gelato products – the most important and biggest North of the Alps. What sets it apart is its co-location with INTERGASTRA, the premier trade show for the hotel and gastronomy sector. This unique partnership amplifies the opportunities for attendees, fostering a vibrant convergence of local and international ice-cream manufacturers, gelato parlour and coffee shop owners, and gastronomy experts.

GELATISSIMO unfolds as a platform where industry insiders gather to glean vital business insights, forge enduring relationships and savour an exhilarating exhibition experience. Across six primary product and service categories, the trade show encompasses raw ingredients, toppings and waffles, ice-cream machines and laboratory equipment, refrigerated counters and display cabinets, gelato menus, cups and accessories, and shop design and construction.

One of the hallmark features of GELATISSIMO is the live demonstrations by master artisans. These captivating showcases highlight the artistry behind gelato creation, shedding light on the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each scoop. In addition, the trade fair hosts competitive events and educational workshops, empowering attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the industry.

Notable events that grace the support program include the prestigious CHEF-SACHE networking platform, fostering collaboration and idea exchange among culinary luminaries. Additionally, the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO, a highlight of the trade fair, gathers crowds eager to see who will emerge as the ultimate winner in a classic showing of artisanal gelato craftsmanship.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

On the exhibitor side across GELATISSIMO and INTERGASTRA, you see booths from Elenka Group, fabbri1905, Carpigiani, Eisunion, Food Special, Gastro Vision, Blanco, Rieber, Meiko, Badischer Wein, Coffee Consulate, Gruppo Ciambli and Evoca Group among many others. They create a comprehensive experience for all professionals within the industry. 

The fair remains as a go-to B2B meeting point for confectioners, gelato maestros and gastronomy professionals. As an exhibitor, you’re in a perfect position to penetrate foreign markets and grow your brand recognition as you meet with experts and decision makers across: 

  • Gastronomy, restaurants & hotel restaurants
  • Bakeries & coffee shops
  • Hotels & guesthouses
  • Catering & community catering
  • Retail chains

Additional Value of Attendance 

The Grand Prix GELATISSIMO is what everyone attending the trade fair eagerly awaits to see as it’s the top competition that separates the best from the best when it comes to gelato craftsmanship. It’s a highly anticipated event and incredibly competitive as only the most talented and skilled gelatieri manage to climb to the top and cement their status for all to see. 

The challenge set forth for these virtuosos is to create the finest gelato, with a particular focus on three delectable flavours: hazelnut, yoghurt, and strawberry. Over the course of the first three days of the competition, expert juries diligently evaluate the entries, discerning the merits of each. For those who rise to the top, prestigious accolades await. Each day, a deserving winner is crowned, receiving not only the honour and recognition but also a brand-new Vespa. The winners of these daily competitions are then immediately entered into the running for the big prize as part of the grand finale. It’s going to be a battle of champions. 

The climax of the Grand Prix GELATISSIMO takes place on the fourth day of the trade fair. The finalists from the previous three days square off in a live demonstration of their gelato-making skills, with a specific challenge at hand. Last edition this was the creation of mango sorbet.

A distinguished expert jury, comprised of connoisseurs deeply versed in the art of gelato, watches over the proceedings and lend their experience and taste buds in judging the true winner, who will walk away with the Coppa GELATISSIMO. To win means to receive a boost in visibility and a true stamp of approval that gives the winner a competitive edge later on. 

Past editions


03.02.2024 - 07.02.2024


1 300+



Exhibitor countries

88 000



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Coincided with INTERGASTRA 2023


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How to get to GELATISSIMO

On Foot

On Foot

Stuttgart Airport - 7 mins via Flughafenstrasse

Stuttgart Hbf – not advisable



By Car

Stuttgart Airport - 1 min via Flughafenentlastungsstraße

Stuttgart Hbf – 20 mins via B27



By Public Transport

Stuttgart Airport - not available

Stuttgart Hbf - 40 mins via S-Bahn S2 or S3