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A central mission of GENERA lies in adapting our energy needs accordingly to current outlooks and cutting a clear path to a brighter, greener future through increased practices of waste management and recycling. The international trade fair is scheduled for Madrid, Spain for a three-day period. Predictions place the exhibitors at over 250 companies and 10,000 trade visitors. GETA ltd now offers you the easy way to organizing business trips. Book a hotel for GENERA easily and at great prices.

Given how important GENERA is for the energy sector, you need accommodation that places you close to the event and in the company of legislators, energy giants and luminaries. GETA ltd has the contacts to make this happen, no matter how many are travelling and how large your budget is. It’s a fast service – you get custom offers after a single day! This way you’ve freed resources to invest in your GENERA visit. Main topics revolve around biofuel, cogeneration, mobility and solar thermal energy. Don’t forget the conference track with its planned 18 sessions focusing on contribution of energy services to the development of smart cities and energy efficiency in the renovation of buildings among others.

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