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A Brief Overview of GIFA

GIFA brings visitors the chance to meet with international business representatives and introduce themselves to the newest technological innovations and breakthroughs in the casting technology and foundry sectors. The global fair lasts for five days and has found the ideal home in Dusseldorf, Germany. It’s here that the newest technologies are being presented to a wider audience and you have a chance to grow your brand

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

In short, GIFA functions as a massive meeting point for professionals in the foundry industry – a source of new market information, technological advancements and opportunities for cross border sales. The fair commands serious turnout with the following statistics:

  • 940+ international exhibitors;
  • 48,000+ international visitors over the course of five days;
  • 120 countries represented;
  • 87,000+ square metres of exhibition space dedicated.

Industry Relevance

GIFA has been at the foreground of innovation in casting and foundry since 1956 and the fair takes place once every four years, which allows each new edition to have a completely unique feeling and texture to what’s exhibited. Currently, GIFA runs alongside three other major specialist events – NEWCAST, THERMPROCESS and METEC. There are many chances to raise your company profile with the numerous product presentations that span the entire value chain. Product categories cover conveyor systems, ferrous metals, form tools, foundry equipment, casting machines, casting materials, control engineering, furnaces, handling technology and so much more. Talks and forums pepper programming and promise thought-provoking topics like innovations in control systems, automation and sustainability.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Foundries, vehicle industry representatives, machine supply industry for foundries, raw materials and supplies supplier for foundries, mechanical engineers, trade, iron, steel and nonferrous metals industry and services make up the majority of visitors that come to GIFA to conduct business. The breakdown in nationalities is roughly down the middle with 46% of visitors being from Germany and 54% come from abroad. After members of the European Union and other European countries, the countries with biggest presence come from Africa, North America, South America and Asia. As to what positions visitors hold, there is a great variety across the corporate ladder from CEOs and co-founders to board members, management positions, freelancers, team leaders, lecturers and even students.

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