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A Brief Overview of Glasstec

What are the capabilities of glass as a material? How far can human ingenuity and technology take this material? Glasstec presents you the present and the future of glass and it’s glorious. Held in Düsseldorf, Germany, this international trade show offers a full spectrum of glass processing and finishing, cementing itself as the must-see event in glass manufacture on European soil and beyond!

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

Glasstec positions itself as a highly specialized event and during its program, exhibitors and visitors alike gain valuable insight in the shifting landscape on an international scale. We also have to point out that visiting is good for your business as there are:

  • 1200+ international exhibitors from 50 countries;
  • 42,000+ international trade visitors from 126 countries;
  • 123,000+ square metres of exhibition space dedicated.

Industry Relevance

Glasstec has been working as its reputation for over half a century and you tap into a built-in audience where different industries from architecture to art and solar energy intersect. The first edition took place in Dusseldorf in 1970 and now editions are spaced out every two years, giving you enough time to prepare for the next edition with new innovations and products. Speaking of what’s on display, visitors see the latest in glass products and applications, glass production tech, processing and finishing, tools and maintenance parts, testing, control technology and software to name a few. Outside the purely showcase portions, Glasstec has planned a series of lectures and presentations by researchers and practitioners as part of International Trade Symposium.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

Given the sophisticated mixture of programming and commitment to advancements, Glasstec sees interest from professionals operating in architecture, civil engineering and industry. Although the trade fair takes place in Germany, it doesn’t follow the trend where the majority of visitors and exhibitors come from Germany. Only 28% of all visitors are of German origin, the rest are made up from European countries, then followed by Asia, Africa and the Americas. The countries with the biggest presence that are not Germany include the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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