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The Latest News Regarding HEATEC and Covid-19 

Professionals in the heating industry will have to wait until the summer of 2022 to meet in person at HEATEC. The abrupt announcement was made weeks before HEATEC 2021 and has to do with an outbreak of pneumonia. The government decided to ban large indoor events as a way to control the virus and minimise additional infections with COVID-19. CIBB has been quick to announce HEATEC 2022 with official dates for July 27th – July 29th. The new edition will follow all the local government’s coronavirus protective measures. On an important note, HEATEC 2022 will now be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

A Brief Overview of HEATEC

Establish yourself as a brand in the heating industry in China and gain access to the rest of Asia by booking an exhibition stand at HEATEC. The international trade fair cements its reputation as the gold standard in China and thrives as the effective purchasing platform for the region. Supply meets demand in a dynamic format. HEATEC keeps you up to date with what’s happening in all of China and you should definitely pay attention! 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

HEATEC is one of the best platforms to generate qualified sales leads and pierce the Asian market as a whole. The trade show serves the Chinese market as a whole alongside many countries in the region, but it’s also a meeting place for important markets in the West. China has already proven itself as a powerful economic force, so exhibiting here makes perfect sense. You’ll leave home with a lot of qualified sales leads and purchase orders. Here are the numbers to keep in mind: 

  • 250 international exhibitors from 16 countries 
  • 10,000+ international trade visitors from 31 countries
  • 62,000+ online views
  • 28,000 sq. metres of exhibition space 

Industry Relevance 

Established in 2002, HEATEC operates out of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre and its editions run for three days. HEATEC typically takes place in late November and offers visitors a variety of digital ways to participate. Since the pandemic began, organisers are now developing a new hybrid model with more virtual resources and livestreaming. HEATEC has become the go-to marketplace for buyers, who are researching new purchases or are ready to buy. 

In the era of energy reform and green development, the importance of building a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system cannot be overstated. Recognizing this critical task, HEATEC has emerged as Asia's premier one-stop heating technology exhibition platform. There’s nothing more important than highlighting technological excellence and HEATEC does this expertly. Visitors enjoy full immersion through new product releases, technical exchanges, channel development, and business matching. It’s truly an indispensable event for professionals in the heating industry.

HEATEC's significance lies in its ability to bring together key players and stakeholders from the heating industry to foster collaboration. The interactive product premieres are perfect examples of what exhibitors can accomplish in terms of visibility. There’s no better and more effective strategy to sell your products than showcasing cutting-edge technologies in action and giving buyers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into their applications.

The product categories here include boilers & waste heat recovery technology, biomass energy products, burners & thermal equipment, boiler parts & ancillary products, boiler replacement products, boiler manufacturing equipment & raw materials, energy saving and emission reduction technology. 

Complementing the exhibition segment, HEATEC features a thoughtfully curated conference program. This program consists of expert-led lectures and panel discussions that delve into industry challenges, innovative solutions and future developments. Through these informative sessions, attendees can expand their knowledge, stay abreast of industry trends, and engage in meaningful discussions with industry leaders and experts.

HEATEC's ultimate goal is to promote safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, and collaborative development throughout the heating industry. By upholding a professional attitude and providing a dynamic and international platform, HEATEC facilitates the exchange of ideas, fosters technological advancements and supports the industry-wide pursuit of sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Buyers are definitely satisfied with the quality of exhibitors at HEATEC. In the past few years, brands like PRIMA, EBICO, Eacoon, FBR, Haire, Jidun, Inovisen, FUSEI, MIURA, elco, NTFB and Honeywell have chosen HEATEC as their platform to launch new products and network. The trade show as a whole enjoys the attention of trade visitors based in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, China, South Korea, USA, Germany, France, Japan and Hong Kong SAR. 

You’re in luck when it comes to networking, because HEATEC pulls in senior professionals from all related fields – industrial end users, commercial end users and public institutions, manufacturers and suppliers, heat and power plants, EMC and distributors. Now let’s see the top three industries that send delegations to source new products: 

Manufacturing Industry: Food, Beverage, Brewery, Daily Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile / Printing & Dyeing, Automobile & Auto Parts, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Parks.

Commercial and Public Service Sector: Hotels / Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Thermal Power Plants, Electric Power Companies, Banks, Telecom Companies, Municipal Units

Design Institutes / Research Institutes, Engineering Companies, Boiler Installation Companies

Additional Value of Attending

HEATEC excels not just as a procurement platform, but also as a source of information, inspiration, technological knowledge and expertise. Organisers come together with the Shanghai Energy Saving Engineering and Technology Association, the Shanghai Energy Conservation Association, the Shanghai Chemical Industry Association and other supporting associations to put together an impressive series of forums that cover a wealth of topics. 

Top industry experts take the stage to tackle the most important challenges of the day as well as point out the many business opportunities that come with the next generation of advancements in heating technology. Here is what you will find: 

  • Renovation of Energy-saving Low-nitrogen Boilers
  • Waste Heat Recovery and Utilisation Technology 
  • Green Hotel Heating Systems
  • Application of Heat Pump Technology in Hotels
  • New Supply and New Era of Industrial Boilers

Past editions


27.07.2022 - 29.07.2022