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Ride the wave of innovation, changing attitudes and solutions in the food and hospitality field at HOFEX, where you are introduced to the best practices, changes in standards and the creative solutions companies and the region adhere to. Over 2500 exhibitors are set to present their wares and services for four days to an audience that exceeds 40,000 visitors. It’s never been easier to sort out your travel arrangements. All you have to do is call upon GETA ltd.

HOFEX has been revealing culinary secrets and celebrating achievements in unlocking enchanting flavors for the past 30 years. Given this reputation, you can expect an international trade show that will keep you at the edge of your seat. When it comes to the products, there’s everything you can imagine – nears, wines, spirits, cake decorations, essences, catering and guestroom amenities among many others. Book a hotel for HOFEX right now without the hassle and stress. GETA ltd secures you bookings that have been selected to make killer savings on your budget and ensure your commute is short, pleasant and efficient. The best part? It takes us a day to do it!

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