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2 years
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Event Update

The long-running motor show IAA Mobility will host its 2025 edition from 09.09.2025 to 14.09.2025 at Messe Munich in Munich, Germany.

A Brief Overview of IAA Mobility

Continuing its over 100-year history, IAA Mobility looks outward to what the future will bring the automotive industry from automotive parts to passenger cars. The international motor show sees a strong line-up of car manufacturers showcase their latest automobiles, products, and services to an excited audience in Munich, Germany. This event is one of the biggest platforms for information and also to conduct business on the highest level.

With thousands set to attend the upcoming edition, it’s important to secure hotel accommodation for IAA Mobility early on. The earlier you get in touch with our team GETA ltd the easier it’s going to be to find the right deals for you in Munich. We know all the good venues in the city and make sure to book a hotel close to Messe München. You’ll make terrific savings and spend little to no time commuting. Our team helps you with much more than just hotel reservations. We have a big portfolio of bonus services available from booking meeting rooms at Messe Munchen to arranging airport transfers. GETA ltd can work with large and small groups easily.  

Why Your Visit Is Worth It

IAA Mobility is easily described as one of the biggest motor shows in the world. The market for innovative mobility solutions and eco-friendly vehicles has boomed in the last decade and you only stand to win from exhibiting at IAA Mobility. There’s excitement in the air as high-profile buyers make their way through the exhibition halls looking for new suppliers. The first edition since the pandemic performed incredibly well: 

  • 744 international exhibitors from 32 countries;
  • 400,000+ international trade visitors from 95 countries;
  • 936 speakers from 32 countries;
  • 67 percent of visitors under the age of 40

This should be more than convincing to engage you in booking a stand at the show for this year. You’re stepping directly into the spotlight, gaining international publicity and attracting attention of the biggest buyers.

Industry Relevance

IAA Mobility stands for Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, which translates to International Motor Exhibition, and has been a presence in the automotive industry from the very first cars to roam the streets in Europe. The first edition occurred in 1897 and the beginnings were certainly modest – they showcased only eight motor cars. Now the event has ballooned into a billion-dollar industry where car manufacturers debut their latest feats in automotive engineering to an audience of professional visitors and the public. 

Previously known as IAA Cars, the trade show has changed its concept and its location. Editions took place every two years in Frankfurt, but as the trade show grew in size it was time for a change in venues. The 2021 edition saw the move to Munich, Germany with a format and structure that serves the rising importance of e-mobility as the future of the car industry. You clearly see this in the product portfolio. Exhibition space is dedicated to cabriolets, antique cars, solar cars, sports cars, customised vehicles, special vehicles, car trailers, smart vehicles, telematics and electric cars. 

Connected Mobility is the next chapter of technological innovation that’s going to be explored in full at IAA Mobility in 2023. The trade show aims to create a new mobility community and show the next generation of products and solutions for a connected world. This means smart cars that are connected to each other, but why stop at connected cars, when your vehicle can connect to the entire infrastructure from lights to self-driving cars to drone deliveries.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

IAA Mobility is basically a who’s who selection of the biggest brands in the world, who with every single edition staged on a biennial basis pioneer the automotive industry. We’re talking about names like KIA, Lamborghini, Honda, Bentley, Hyundai, BMW, Jaguar, Dacia, Lexus, Ferrari, Ford, Opel, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, to name a few. It’s a star-studded event that is only going to attract the business visitors and private buyers with the biggest spending budgets. The technical program also brings in specialists, engineers, and researchers to work on cutting-edge concepts in the world of e-mobility.

Additional Value of Attendance 

A definitive highlight that needs to be mentioned is the massive outdoor area dedicated to the IAA Blue Lane. This is where visitors have a front-row seat to the newest in mobility. Blue Lane, Blue Lane Underground, Blue Lane Bike & Micromobility and Blue Lane Future are the four distinct zones for each type of mobility. The best way to stand out as an exhibitor is to showcase products in conditions as close to real life. Product demonstrations are a key tool to win the audience over and translate positive emotions to sales leads. Better yet you can invite visitors to sign up for test drives – cars, bikes, micromobility solutions and shuttle vehicles from different starting points.

Engaging with the general public also has its place at the trade show. The IAA Open Space gives everyone the opportunity to inform themselves about forward-looking mobility solutions. You’ll meet up with residents, international visitors, bike enthusiasts, families and a younger crowd. The overall trend is Generation Z taking a keen interest in alternative mobility. There’s a festival space at the Königsplatz stage, a product showroom and a test track. Kids World has plenty to offer younger visitors, while the Citizens Lab provides ample opportunity for citizens and visitors to engage with companies, government institutions and NGOs on issues of mobility and how to create a living space that’s inclusive of everyone. 

Last but not least, we have to mention the IAA Summit and IAA Conference as key features for mobility professionals to do some high-value B2B networking and learn from the top experts on a variety of subjects. The Summit offers discussion fora and networking areas, themed islands and special networking events. International press conferences regularly take place. The Conference runs across three stages and offers curated theme spaces, networking formats and lounges such as the Visionary Clubhouse and the Sustainability Lounge.

Past editions

IAA Mobility 2023

05.09.2023 - 10.09.2023

IAA Mobility

500 000+

Visitors in total

100 000+

Visitors on Open Space on Saturday


Visitor countries


of visitors were from abroad

+/- 750



Exhibitor countries


of exhibitors were from abroad


World premieres

3 700+



Journalist countries


increase in international coverage compared to 2021




of visitors would recommend the event


of professional visitors rated the event's atmosphere as excellent

+/- 92%

of participants rated the event's internationality as excellent


of visitors rate the event as excellent

8 500

Car test drives

+/- 4 000

Bicycle/e-bike test rides




Participant Countries






Model and concept premieres


Exhibition areas


National and international partners


M2 of total event space


Test Drives

How to get to IAA Mobility

On Foot

On Foot

45 min Bike ride from HBF


By Car

From Munich HBF ~30 min

From Munich International Aiport - 30 min


By Public Transport

From Munich HBF with U2 (13 stops) for 23 min to Station Messestadt West

From Munich International Aiport - S8 to Munich Daglfing Station /1 min transfer to Daglfing Bahnhof Ost/ and then with bus 183 to Messestadt West ~ 55 min