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UK, London
1 year
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Ideal Home Show dictates good taste in the home furnishing and gardening sector for the country and Europe. As the name suggests, this international exhibition gives you the definitive definition of an ideal home. Don’t miss the opportunity to book a hotel room early on at promotional rates and get GETA ltd to secure your online hotel reservations.

GETA ltd is your shortcut to selecting Ideal Home Show hotels within a day. Not only do you spend no time at all on your travel arrangements, but you receive top offers that save money on your trip. Tell us your price range and we’ll find you establishments that place you close to vital public transport connections, making your commute a matter of minutes. In the end, you focus on Ideal Home Show with its extensive product showcases and demonstrations. Be sure to pay a visit to the Super Theatre and Smart Home sectors and have fun at the Champagne and Beauty Bars.

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