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2 years
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igeho presents the perfect opportunity to elevate your standing in the hospitality and catering industry as well as receive career guidance. The international exhibition is hosted in Basel, Switzerland over the course of five days. Organizers expect another packed turnout with over 700 exhibitors and 70,000 trade visitors. With numbers like these, your best strategy is to make your bookings for igeho right now and hire GETA ltd in order to save the most on your travel expenses! You’ll find business travel doesn’t need to be tedious to plan, when you have a professional team to help you out every step of the way.

GETA ltd tailors your hotel booking online to fit your budget, meet your expectations and allow you a quick commute. We target hotels close to igeho and properties with superior connections to public transport. This way you’ve got better chances to perform at igeho, which covers every link in the value chain for hotels, catering, take-away and care institutions. A definite highlight is also the igeho Campus – a stage for keynote speeches, talks and discussion rounds with experts.

Reach your full potential at igeho with assistance from GETA ltd.

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