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Event Update

IMOT 2025 will be hosted as a live trade show between 21.02.2025 and 23.02.2025 in Messe Munich. The hosting site will not include coronavirus safety precautions due to the removal of the country's pandemic-related limitations. 

A Brief Overview of IMOT

IMOT presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers in the two-wheeler industry to showcase their latest motorcycle, parts and accessories to a large, loyal audience. Whether you want to launch a new product or raise your international reach, this is where you can do it all. This event is one of the industry leaders in Europe and has climbed to be the largest market in southern Germany and comes with improved business opportunities. Discover the best solutions and products and position your brand to a strong selection of buyers. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Anyone who wants to break into Germany as a market has the best chance at IMOT. Everyone who attends has one goal in mind – make purchases. As an exhibitor, you stand to form valuable partnerships and boost sales numbers, especially on new products. You’re guaranteed to make up for all exhibition expenses in sales on the first day. 

Here are the most recent attendance numbers from before the pandemic:

  • 18+ of the most important motorcycle brands were present with a stand
  • 300 international exhibitors 
  • 60,000 international visitors

Industry Relevance 

IMOT, the International Motorcycle Exhibition, has been a prominent fixture on the motorcycle scene since its inception in 1994. Over the course of its thirty-year history, the exhibition has risen as the big event circled in every motorcycle enthusiast’s calendar. Held at Messe München every February, the exhibition stands as a vital platform for the motorcycling industry, showcasing the latest offerings in preparation for the upcoming biking season.

More than just a display of motorcycles, IMOT presents a comprehensive view of the motorcycling world. The exhibition floor features not only a diverse range of motorcycles and scooters, but also an impressive number of accessories and tuning parts. Beyond the machinery, specialised tour operators catering to motorcycle travellers also exhibit their services, providing enthusiasts with exciting travel possibilities. A highlight of the event is the opportunity for visitors to test ride motorcycles and quads, adding an experiential element to the exhibition. Numerous show events and demonstrations only enhance the experience.

Thanks to its reputation as southern Germany's largest two-wheeler trade fair, IMOT manages to represent the entire product value chain under one roof, creating incredible synergy. The spectrum covers everything from the latest motorcycle models and scooters to an extensive range of products related to customisation, tuning, clothing, travel and accessories. Notably, the exhibition also embraces the trend of electric mobility, showcasing the latest two-wheelers equipped with electric drives.

IMOT's relevance extends beyond its exhibition offerings. The event hosts an engaging stage program, captivating visitors with insights into racing trends, vintage bikes and more. A dedicated youth program caters to the budding motorcycle enthusiasts of tomorrow.

In 2023, IMOT opened a new chapter by relocating to the much larger and more modern halls of Messe München, which further signals the exhibition’s potential as a procurement platform. This relocation creates new opportunities for exhibitors to create innovative stands, setting the stage for an even more impressive motorcycle fair. The second big change made in 2023 is that IMOT now shares its exhibition grounds with Bavaria's largest travel and leisure fair, This partnership augments the event experience, offering visitors the value of dual shows for a single ticket price. Attendees of IMOT gain access to the comprehensive offerings of, enhancing their overall event experience.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

IMOT lives up to its reputation as a pivotal exhibition in the two-wheeler sector and you can see this clearly in the excellent lineup of exhibitors, who are the who’s who of motorcycle royalty. The list includes various motorcycle and e-bike brands such as Benelli, Beta, Bimota, BMW, Energica (E-Motorcycles), Fantic, Harley, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Oset (E-Bikes), Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Triumph, Bird, Yadea (E-Bikes/Scooters), Yamaha, Zero (E-Bikes), Zones and Z-tech (e-scooter).

The audience varies greatly from commercial customers and the general public. All in all, IMOT is designed to appeal to the end consumer. These would be motorcyclists, whether they’re veteran bikers or newcomers or professional racers. Their motivation to attend is in order to get informed on what’s new on the market, research products, network and make purchases. 

Additional Value of Attending 

The supporting programme at IMOT offers visitors packed days of special shows and interactive activities geared towards all tastes, interests and needs. You can expect demonstrations, catering to all levels of enthusiasts, from the young to the seasoned.

Among the highlights is an e-trial taster course designed for participants aged 5 to 16. This course provides an opportunity for young visitors to experience the thrill of electric trials riding, which fosters skill development and a passion for motorcycling from an early age. Trial demonstrations by accomplished riders only add on top of the general excitement, showcasing the art of precision and control that defines this captivating discipline. For those interested in the electric revolution, IMOT offers an exceptional chance to test drive small-volume scooters and bikes equipped with electric drives. This presents an opportunity for visitors without a driver's licence.

A true highlight for both hobbyists and professionals is the ‘live customising’ stand. Over the course of the event, a BMW R 18 underwent a remarkable transformation from a stock model into a meticulously customised masterpiece. This hands-on demonstration offers insights into the intricate process of creating a unique and personalised bike.

Past editions

IMOT 2024

16.02.2024 - 18.02.2024


Coincided with 2024

+/- 1 000



Exhibitor countries

140 000+


Coincided with 2023

160 000+


+/- 227


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How to get to IMOT

On Foot

On Foot

Munich International Airport – not advisable

Munich Hbf – not advisable



By Car

Munich International Airport – 18 mins via A9

Munich Hbf – 23 mins via A9



By Public Transport

Munich International Airport – 45 mins via LH-Bus and U6

Munich Hbf – 25 mins via U4 and U6