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INHORGENTA EUROPE updates attendees on the finer things in life. The trade fair serves as a platform for the presentation of the latest lifestyle trends and the most fashionable jewellery, gemstones and timepieces. Held in Munich, Germany, the event spans over the course of four days with more than 30,000 visitors projected to attend. If you’re planning on attending yourself, make sure your accommodation is handled at the earliest possible instance and leave GETA ltd take care of your booking.

GETA ltd understands what the travelling businessman needs in a hotel and presents you with irresistible offers. You check in a room that is within your budget and is strategically situated close to the trade fair grounds for a short commute. This allows you to be the first on the scene every single day and network with the leading companies exhibiting at INHORGENTA EUROPE. Raise your company profile, set meetings with potential clients and research the international markets.

The trade fair can be your professional high point, so ensure it runs smoothly with GETA ltd in charge of your travel arrangements.

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