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As the nature of manufacturing changes with each year so do the demands in the industry and the best international trade fair dedicated to machine tools and manufacturing is Intec! Programming takes place in Leipzig, Germany and encompasses a four-day period. Organizers prepare for over 1000 exhibitors and 23,500 visitors in total – a healthy growth since previous editions. Don’t make finding hotel accommodation hard by leaving it for the last moment and consult with GETA ltd on options and discounts.

Book a hotel for Intec according to your every specification. GETA understands the essentials that make a business trip successful – a great price, a terrific location and plentiful of public transport options. Tell us your price range and we tailor your stay for your utmost convenience. It helps during Intec, where you have to navigate a truly competitive landscape of professional contacts. In addition to the fierce networking, you also have access to some to the most cutting-edge innovations in forming machine tools, erosion machine tools and accessories and ancillary equipment of machine tools among many others.

Make a sound investment for Intec with the assistance of GETA ltd.

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