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4 years
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INTERFORST unites the foresting industry in Munich, Germany, for five days to bring professionals up to date with the latest trends in forestry, forest technology, land use and communal land engineering. Since all the movers and shakers in the industry always make an appearance, you should get the best hotel reservation so you can be in the right crowd and at the best location. GETA ltd provides you with accommodation at the lower price range that save you money. Innovation and breakthroughs take center stage at INTERFORST with an emphasis on a variety of topics including afforestation, cropping and harvesting. Enjoy the demonstrations both indoors and out for a complete understanding of the current state of the industry. With so much activity, it’s wise to have a hotel that is near the expo grounds or at least has access to a public transport link so you have an easy commute. You’ve come to do business at INTERFORST? This is the place to be and GETA ltd is sure to strategically place you where the magic happen.
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