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A Brief Overview of INTERFORST 

When it comes to the most important innovations in forestry and forest technology, INTERFORST is the international trade fair preferred by businesses, academia and policymakers to get the full market overview and build long-lasting partnerships. Taking place in Munich, Germany, this trade fair attracts an impressive amount of trade visitors from the upper echelons of the corporate world. For a good reason, INTERFORST facilitates business unlike any other fair. Be sure not to miss it! 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

Simply put, INTERFORST is good for business. It’s the place to make valuable connections with buyers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to and have the best chances to penetrate new markets. You are operating at the highest possible level and the numbers confirm this. We bring you some of the key metrics from the last edition prior to the pandemic: 

  • 353 international exhibitors from 21 countries
  • 31,000 visitors from nearly 60 countries 

Industry Relevance 

In the forestry industry, there’s no real rival to INTERFORST as a procurement platform and the definitive engine of innovation in technology and science. Founded in 1970, the international trade fair for forestry and forest technology takes place every four years at Messe München in Munich, Germany. INTERFORST serves as an effective meeting point for international exhibitors to best connect with buyers from the global forestry community and launch their latest advancements in forestry equipment and services, focusing on the themes of forest and wood. 

The exhibition offers a wide range of displays, featuring cutting-edge machinery, equipment and technical systems related to forest regeneration, forest management, forest protection, harvesting and skidding, and timber storage. Visitors come face to face with the future of the industry and the emerging tech trends that will take over the market like vehicles designed for timber transportation, protection and recreation forests, culture and municipal engineering. Here’s the product portfolio: 

  • Afforestation and forest care
  • Forest care and protection
  • Cropping and harvesting
  • Round timber yard
  • Forest road and track construction and maintenance
  • Timber transport vehicles and other transport vehicles
  • Timber processing
  • Wood energy
  • Woodland as conservation and recreation area, tree and countryside care, land use and communal land engineering
  • EDP, measurement, information management and telecommunications in the forest
  • Safety and health at work, first aid
  • Services 

What sets INTERFORST apart from other forestry trade fairs and industry events is its role as an innovation platform. It goes beyond being a trade fair by fostering the convergence of business, science, and politics to emphasise the significance of modern forestry as a crucial economic factor. In addition to addressing major themes such as sustainability, climate protection and digitalisation, INTERFORST is complemented by scientific conferences and special shows that enrich visitors’ participation in the trade fair. 

In the current context of impending climate catastrophes, INTERFORST is an integral piece of the puzzle in addressing issues surrounding the environment. The fair promotes knowledge exchange, networking and showcasing truly forward-thinking breakthroughs. By highlighting the importance of sustainable forestry practices, climate protection and the integration of digital technologies, INTERFORST plays a vital role in shaping the future of the forestry industry on a global scale. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

Grube, Wood-Mizer, Oregon, SERRA, Ratio Parts, Best Planter, TST Forestry, Palfinger, Philipp, DOLL, Lieco and Komatsu are only some of the exciting brands to take the stage at INTERFORST and lay out their newest models of vehicles, equipment and solutions. Since the trade fair is held only once every four years, exhibitors have more incentive to attend and make the most out of the pauses between editions. Participants wait for INTERFORST to come around so they’d be able to launch new products. 

Target audience for the fair is mainly forest managers, administration and forest services, forest owners, foresters, and combinations of forest, farms, timber transportation companies, agricultural machinery and equipment operations. These are the big buyers, who attend in order to reconnect with old partners and source new suppliers. Product research and purchasing constitute their main motivations to attend. 

However, INTERFORST is also for the professional community whether that’s to meet with peers or find career avenues. You’ll meet with representatives from forest service schools, universities and colleges, professional associations and organisations from forestry, wood and agriculture, and institutions from the public at home and abroad. 

Additional Value of Attending 

INTERFORST captures visitors’ attention with the promise of great business opportunities, but then holds it thanks to an incredible support programme. If you want to hear experts engage in top-tier conversations on a variety of topics, there’s the Green Couch. If you prefer a deeper dive in the professional and scientific, then there’s the Congress. The programme also features a series of daily forums on a variety of hot topics. Finally, we have to mention the live demonstrations, which show off the next generation of tools and equipment in action. 

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