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Event Update

Organisers will proceed with the organisation of the 2024 rendition of INTERGEO. The edition will occur between 24.09.2024 and 26.09.2024 as a live event. It will consist of a face-to-face exhibition, which will take place at Messe Stuttgart. The live event will not have strict COVID-19 prevention measures in place due to Germany removing its pandemic-related restrictions. 

A Brief Overview of INTERGEO 

INTERGEO fosters international dialogue between experts in the geodesy sector and this year, the event convenes in Stuttgart, Germany, for three days. As the premier international trade show for the exchange of geoinformation and best practices of land management, the trade fair creates ample opportunities to network and close deals. The event is the first stage where most of the innovations in mining and geodesy see the light of day. 

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It 

You’re in the best position to increase your market at INTERGEO. Business meets information at this event and creates an accurate snapshot of the industry today. The trade show is at the centre of the geodesy industry and we have the data to prove it. This is what you have to look forward to at the next edition: 

  • 640+ international exhibitors from 30 countries;
  • 19,000+ international trade visitors from 92 countries;
  • 1400+ conference participants;
  • 230+ speakers
  • 6 keynotes 

Industry Relevance 

INTERGEO as a brand didn’t exist until 1995, but that doesn’t mean the trade show is as young. After all, geodesy and land management are old sectors dating back centuries. Records show that the first instance of this trade show was held in 1872 in Eisenbach, Germany and has gone under a number of names until the end of last century. Now, the trade show brings in all the cutting-edge advancements in the industry once every year in a different city across Germany. 

Visitors come in the thousands, because they can survey the entire value-added chain in place. Exhibition space and demonstrations are dedicated to land surveying instruments and services, field computers, geodata, satellite systems, sensors, compasses, geographic information software, GPS receivers and laser scanners among many others. 

Technological innovation stands at the heart of the trade fair and this extends to the changes to its formatting through the introduction of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS. This mini fair, taking place within INTERGEO, represents the fast-evolving field of drone technology and is quickly rising as a platform for the exploration of new technologies and potential applications of drones. As part of INTERGEO, INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS seamlessly integrates into the fair, providing insights and best practices for the commercial use of drones. 

The dedicated exhibition area of INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS showcases cutting-edge solutions and innovations in the field of drones, catering to the interests of a specialised audience. Furthermore, the outdoor flight zone provides an opportunity for live demonstrations, allowing attendees to witness firsthand the capabilities and potential applications of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). 

The collaboration between INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS and INTERGEO creates a dynamic environment where professionals can explore the latest trends, exchange knowledge and discover the practical applications of drone technology. The event serves as a bridge between the geospatial industry and the rapidly evolving world of drones, allowing for fruitful discussions, networking opportunities, and collaboration among experts, enthusiasts, and industry leaders. 

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The most important question to consider as an exhibitor. You’re going to be pleased to know that INTERGEO appeals to every professional group engaged in some capacity in the industry. Visitors include architects, cartographers, engineers, energy suppliers, geographers, researchers, real estate agents, geomarketers, handicraft professionals, health professionals, GIS professionals, building industry professionals, water managers, profit and non-profit companies, and the list goes on. 

The majority of exhibitors and visitors at INTERGEO are of German origin, because the trade show is historically as the general meeting for German geodesists. However, there has been a significant push for INTERGEO to branch outside the German-speaking world. Europe has always been very well represented in numbers. In 2022, the trade fair welcomed three new joint stands from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, South Korea and Ukraine – a sure sign as to the positive trajectory of INTERGEO in the future in a post-pandemic world. 

Here are some of the names you can expect to see at the trade fair: Hi-Target International Group Limited, Honeywell, HottScan, Lovion, LidarSwiss Solutions, Omnispehere, Outsight, Dez Novin Sanat, Diamond Aircraft Industries and Dronesperhour. 

Additional Value of Attending 

What contributes to INTERGEO’s success as a business platform are the built-in venues to meet and network with thousands of peers, experts and decision leaders. The INTERGEO CityNight on Tuesday evening is the first big chance to make an impression in a much more casual setting, while Wednesday evening shines the spotlight squarely on exhibitors at the Exhibitors’ Evening. 

When it comes to knowledge exchange, organisers have you covered with a variety of lectures on the exhibition floor stages, but perhaps the most anticipated event is the INTERGEO Conference, which will also house the German Cartography Congress in 2023. Expert speakers cast their eyes towards the future and cover topics that reflect the motto “Inspiration for a smarter World.” Of course, at the heart of the conference stand geoinformation, geodesy and land management. 

You can expect to hear a lot about earth observation, urban planning, disaster prevention, energy efficiency and environmental protection as the core topics of the conference. In recent years, the importance of geoinformation has skyrocketed and the Conference aims to meet the demands of the professional community. Keep yourself on the cusp of technological advancements and never miss big new trends coming your way.

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How to get to INTERGEO

On Foot

On Foot

Stuttgart Airport - 7 mins via Flughafenstrasse

Stuttgart Hbf – not advisable



By Car

Stuttgart Airport - 1 min via Flughafenentlastungsstraße

Stuttgart Hbf – 20 mins via B27



By Public Transport

Stuttgart Airport - not available

Stuttgart Hbf - 40 mins via S-Bahn S2 or S3