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A Brief Overview of INTERSCHUTZ

Held in Hannover, Germany, INTERSCHUTZ will see the world’s most skilled rescue workers, firefighters and crisis experts come to one place to exchange experience and discuss the newest best strategies for handling disaster relief, fire rescue and civil protection. The international trade show is a focal meeting point for companies involved in the security industry as well as a chance to lay out all the major technological solutions. It’s one of the biggest events of its kind!

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

You can’t afford to miss out on INTERSCHUTZ, because it’s good for business. The ratio trade visitors to exhibitors is in your favor, meaning your products and services will reach a critical mass of people from all over the world. That’s a resource you can’t ignore. Just look at the statistics:

  • 1500 international exhibitors showcase at last event;
  • 50 countries represented;
  • 150,000+ international trade visitors make the trip;
  • An extensive support program awaits.

Industry Relevance

INTERSCHUTZ has existed in one form or another since the beginning of last century with many stops over the decades, until the current brand fully formed in 1980 when the first INTERSCHUTZ took place in Hannover. The trade fair also ran at irregular intervals until organizers settled on a five-year span between editions in 2000.

The fair also regularly travels around Germany with the cities of Augsburg and Hannover often performing the function of host cities. INTERSCHUTZ is an incredible platform to observe the entire industry. Exhibitors showcase extinguishing agents, fall protection, fire engines, high-altitude rescue equipment, jump pads, ambulances, ladders, fire extinguishing systems, radiation measuring instruments and rescue vehicles. The trade fair invests in an in-depth support program that features lectures, talks and discussions on pressing matters.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

INTERSCHUTZ has maintained relevance for so long, because it’s always been at the forefront in terms of charting a smarter future for the safety and security industry as a whole.

In the climate of terrorist acts, major man-made and natural disasters, and unprecedented refugee streams, the fair attracts specialists and specific highly trained personnel from the firefighting services, fire protection bodies, rescue services and civil protection organizations. INTERSCHUTZ attracts the key German industry associations (DFV, GFPA and VDMA), commercial and non-commercial exhibitors, fire and rescue service organizations and disaster relief organizations.

The 2020 edition of INTERSCHUTZ has been officially postponed for 2022 by the organisers due to coronavirus.

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