Intervitis Interfructa

Stuttgart, Germany

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Event Introduction

Come celebrate the best in the wine and beverage sectors with a visit to the fine Intervitis Interfructa – a long-running international exhibition dedicated to viniculture. The event is coming to Stuttgart, Germany. As a top-tier networking event, it attracts only the most highly regarded exhibitors, experts, manufacturers and decision makers in the world and informs global market trends for the next full two years. Get a front row seat with hotel accommodation from GETA ltd.

Why spend days on end researching hotels and guesthouses, comparing prices and looking up travel routes for the exhibition space. GETA ltd does this for you – does it well and takes only a single day to do so. Your Intervitis Interfructa await you! Just tell us what your budget looks like and how many people you’re taking with you. In addition to the varied market opportunities and wine testing, you also have access to a congress track that gives you the tools to stay relevant and up to date with news, and machine demonstrations. Categories here include harvesting technology, processing and process control, filling and packaging technology, viticulture and fruit growing.

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04.11.2018 - 06.11.2018



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