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IPACK-IMA educates visitors on every stage of the production chain from processing and packaging to warehousing, distribution and then selling. The event is being staged in the city of Milan, Italy, and lasts for five days. More than 1300 exhibitioners join forces to usher in an era of innovation by presenting their newest products, services and solutions to an audience of over 90,000 insiders and decision makers. Take charge of your accommodation as early as possible and let GETA ltd find you the perfect hotel room to book.

With GETA ltd, you are always on top of the best offers and booking a hotel has never been easier. Tell us your specification and we will find a room that fits your budget and meets your standard. We ensure you receive accommodation a short distance away from the exhibition centre for easy commuting. This way you can focus your time and energy and making your IPACK-IMA invaluable to your business. The event has been designed to be a platform for cooperation.

Let it serve your business and leave your business trip organization to GETA ltd.

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