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JAGD & HUND 2024 will be hosted between 30.01.2024 and 04.02.2024 in Messe Dortmund.

A Brief Overview of JAGD & HUND

JAGD & HUND gathers top manufacturers and brands operating in hunting and wilderness to the biggest meeting point for the hunting community. The international trade fair connects hunters and nature lovers to equip them with the latest gear, create valuable contacts, exchange knowledge and stay up to date with new trends. The trade fair provides a comprehensive overview of the entire value chain and runs a highly informative support program filled with talks and live events.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It?

JAGD & HUND doesn’t require a large investment and the payoff is immediate considering you get to meet your target audience. The costs are easily recouped in terms of quality of sales leads. JAGD & HUND is a successful marketplace that unlocks your full potential as an exhibitor. Plus, you receive direct feedback, which helps with further product development: 

Organisers point out that each edition brings in more people than the one before:

  • 580 international exhibitors from 36 nations
  • 70,000 international visitors

Industry Relevance 

JAGD & HUND is the premium trade fair for the hunting sector and currently ranks as Europe's biggest hunting event. The fair was founded in 1982 and editions are held early every year at Messe Dortmund alongside FISCH & ANGEL. The international trade fair is a week-long opportunity for product exploration, networking and learning for the entire hunting community. It is a shopping paradise for hunters and nature lovers, who rate the product portfolio as good. Here are the thematic areas on display at JAGD & HUND: 

  • Weapons & ammunition 
  • Clothing 
  • Optics
  • Accessories & others
  • Associations & education
  • Culinary products
  • Hunting holidays
  • High stands 
  • Vehicles
  • Dogs

Exhibitors at JAGD & HUND exceed their business and sales objectives as the fair attracts an enthusiastic purchase-ready audience. Participants meet diverse visitors, including German and international hunters, dog and nature enthusiasts, and business owners. The fair offers more than just hunting equipment. Visitors come expecting a comprehensive ancillary program that includes presentations of various birds of prey and hunting dog showcases, hunting championships as well as off-road vehicle races. To round off the busy schedule, JAGD & HUND organises a tasty happening for the food-lovers at the Wild Food Festival.

Who Are You Going to Meet? 

The main audience for JAGD & HUND are hunters, dog and nature lovers, and lovers of good cuisine. Yes, the trade fair targets the professional community, but it’s also a celebration of the wilderness and outdoor lifestyle. Over the last ten years, the number of international visitors has been on a steady rise. Currently, a little over 11% are foreign nationals, travelling not just from the nearby neighbouring countries but from the US, South Africa and New Zealand.

Exhibitors are overall satisfied with the quality of visitors and number of direct sales as over 68% of visitors bought or ordered something at JAGD & HUND. That’s more than enough reason to invest in an exhibition stand when the next edition rolls around. 

As for brands, you’ll exhibit side by side with the Working Gundog Association, Blaser, Bremer Tresor, BRESSER, Carl Zeiss, Caza Alicante, Frankonia, Hunting facility Trompeter, Jagdwelt24, Krefelder Fuchsfalle, Leica Camera Germany, MONOLITH Grill and Tiroler Goldschmied.

Additional Value of Attending 

JAGD & HUND combines the best of product showcases and a festival complete with special areas and events to excite hunting and nature enthusiasts. One such area is the HUNT & DOG CLUB LOUNGE, where members of the new JAGD & HUND Club can come together to relax, network, and take part in workshops with like-minded individuals. It’s one of the new additions to the fair format after the trade fair took a break during the pandemic. Reception has been positive!

For food lovers, the WILD FOOD FESTIVAL is the perfect place to explore the delicious world of game. With a wide range of products, food and drinks, and the full array of practical preparation equipment, visitors can indulge their passion for cooking with game. Renowned TV and top chefs will also be on hand to demonstrate the perfect preparation techniques of game dishes in numerous live cooking shows and workshops.

Another popular event at JAGD & HUND is the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP OF DEER CALLERS. This event sees participants from all over Europe compete in the art of deer calling, a hunting craft with a serious background and decades of tradition. In addition to the German Deer Calling Championship, visitors can watch and listen to the best deer callers in Europe.

The Horrido Area is another must-see. Visitors meet well-known people from the hunting scene, including the Hunter Brothers, Dreispross, Huntingroom, and other famous hunters. The area also features a varied program, including Hunt on Demand film premieres every day at 4pm. Of course, there’s much more happening. Visitors can practice their archery skills in a dedicated area or sign up for hunting courses and participate during the day of training for district hunters. If you’re a young hunter, there’s a place for you to meet with your peers. In 2023, visitors had the opportunity to hear Paul Parey give expert lectures on his long experience. 

These special areas and events, along with the comprehensive product exhibitions, make JAGD & HUND a unique and exciting experience for all who attend.

Past editions

JAGD & HUND 2024

30.01.2024 - 04.02.2024


77 000



increase in visitor attendance comapred to 2023

+/- 630


+/- 580



Exhibitor countries

+/- 70 000





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Exhibitor countries

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How to get to JAGD & HUND

On Foot

On Foot

Dortmund Airport – not available

Dortmund Central Station – 45 mins via Lindemannstrasse



By Car

Dortmund Airport – 20 mins via B1

Dortmund Central Station10 mins via B54



By Public Transport

Dortmund Airport – 45 mins via RB59

Dortmund Central Station – 15 mins via RB53