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The planning has begun as early as now for K Messe 2022. This indispensable plastics trade fair has been scheduled for October 19th to October 26th at Messe Dusseldorf in Dusseldorf, Germany. Organisers have assured that comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety measures will be observed. Visitor compliance is a must.

A Brief Overview of K MESSE

Want to educate yourself on the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations within the raw materials, plastics and rubber industry? K MESSE provides you with an intimate overlook of the industry as a whole and has been a centre for manufacturing experts for decades. The international trade fair takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany and sees the participation from all major names in the industry. It’s the perfect arena to gain respect, connections and influence trends.

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Why Your Visit Is Worth It

One of the defining features of K MESSE is just how massive of an event it is. You don’t have numbers as big as these anywhere else in the specialty field of plastics, polymers and rubber. It’s the perfect opportunity to leverage any social interaction for brand recognition and partnerships. Here are the statistics from last edition:

  • 3200+ international exhibitors from 61 showcased at the event;
  • 232,000+ international trade visitors made the trip;
  • 173,000+ square metres of exhibition space used.

Industry Relevance

Proudly named as the world’s largest trade for plastics and rubber, K MESSE is also among the longest running events in the world with the first edition held in 1953. Back then the exhibitors numbered just 270 – a long way from its current size and program. Editions are spaced out every three years and always held in Dusseldorf. K MESSE presents the full value chain under one roof as product categories include machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber industry, raw materials and auxiliaries, semi-finished products and technical parts made of plastic and rubber. With the process chain showcased in such detail it’s impossible not to meet with buyers and other manufacturers that can strengthen your positions on the global market. The trade fair is home to decision makers.

Who Are You Going to Meet?

K MESSE is a study on how to broaden scope and inclusivity. It’s been a continuous process with international trade visitors in 1972 making up only 24% of all visitors at the trade fair. This has significantly changed over the years to reach 71% by the edition in 2016. The place of origin for most visitors is Europe with Asia and North America following closely. In terms of a professional background, you have raw material producers, mechanical engineers and manufacturers of semi-finished products and technical parts.

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