Leipziger Buchmesse

Germany, Leipzig
1 year
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At the Leipziger Buchmesse, you have an unprecedented wealth of books, printing technologies and graphic design solutions alongside a rich selection of antiques from the 17th to the 20th century. Germany will hold these two joint international exhibitions. There are going to be over 2250 exhibitors and 260,000 visitors for the book fair alone! Avoid the rush for accommodation and hire GETA ltd to handle the entire reservation process for you! Business trips can be overwhelming to organize for events of this scale, but you don’t have to put in all this effort and time into finding your Leipziger Buchmesse hotels.

GETA ltd has amassed an extensive database of hotel options in Leipzig in every district and price category. Give us your specification and we’ll get you the hotel of your dreams. Now you can relax and devote yourself to the exhibition – a dynamic meeting place for translators, agents, publishers, illustrators and authors. In addition, it promotes reading and literacy!

Ensure a successful run at one of the most prominent book fairs in the world with hotel rooms at low cost rates from GETA ltd.

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